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Kidney Disease
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Kidney issue

I was on 5 medication I got a virus the two meds was a water pill & a arthritis pill which helped body inflimation. They took me off all meds & told me I was at an 8.0 & needed to be like 1.0. The shot they could have gave me was 2.000.00 a shot but it would help. I was turned down so they decide I needed a blood transfusion. I was drink cases of water & healed to 1.3 now I'm 1.7 & stable. But my opinion is why not save a kidney with a shot first. I don't have ,that kind of money but my life is more valuable than that. Kidney transplant are really red taped. I also know the inflimation inside you can affect alot of organs & walking. There is injustice of hospitals who really want to help & not use you as a live test case

I'm 61 years old & really wonder where society is going.Where is the true research & help?

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Hi Jo

Welcome to the forum it's a great place to meet people that have experienced the same and always happy to lend support.

Long may this transplant last and you remain well.



I've had to fight with insurance company's to get them to covet what is needed for my son. It's huge red tape and I've learned years years ago not to depend on just the letter from the doctor. Fight fight don't let up and get a social worker involved also a case manager from insurance company ect. It's your kidneys and you protect them. Logic isn't in the world of insurance companys.


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