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Kidney Disease
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MSK - Sponge kidney questions

Hi there. I am new here - and I am looking for some information. I was just diagnosed with MSK - sponge kidney is what i was told. I go to another kidney specialist next week and was told to come with questions. Problem is, I don't know where to begin! I have been suffering from lower back pain for as long as I can remember, which I am now told is a symptom. I haven't passed (that I know of) any stones in over 10 years. Can anyone clue me in on other symptoms that I might be experiencing but could be chalking them up to something else (sore from exercising, lifting my kids, etc)? Any information is greatly appreciated!!

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I dont know about this but its intereting to me since ive had pain between my hips off and on for yeas and doc shrug so i thought it was a bad mattres. Its too low for kidneys i think.

I wih i could help you. Thank you for helping me.


I seriously thought that was all it was too! It wasn't until a completely random OTHER test turned up an issue with my kidneys. That prompted a renal ultrasound which led to this diagnosis. I suggest that you ask about it next time. You never know!!


Gm. It took awhile but i finally thought to bing ... which has a much prettier homepage than google ! .... sponge kidney, chose


and found that it has a really good page that may give you some ideas for question to ask your doc.

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Thank you!


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