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What a week! I had the CT Scan without Contrast last week and another test this week and today received the results from both. Each test came back with positive news. No issues were found and certainly nothing life-threatening. So, it appears as if the Nephrologist is on the right track. My CKD was apparently a result of Diabetic Nephropathy. My once high BP was a contributing factor but so far not the main issue.

Oh, I wish the first doctor who noticed the CKD slide had the foresight to tell me instead of determining that it wasn't significant and why inform me? It was never his choice, it was mine. Anyway, I'm where I am and I'm dealing with it through diet, exercise and watching my medications.

My next labs aren't scheduled until early January, so I can literally wait "Wait until next year."

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  • Excellent news!! Soo happy for you!


  • Great news Mr Kidney. That takes lot of worry away. We are making good progress being proactive. Now can move forward.

    I like your great posts.

  • Thank you, Dr. Champak045. I don't use supplements without supporting information from the doctors who graduated from medical school. And since they call it Diabetic Nephrology I'll stick with that. Thanks for your information.

  • Oh that is wonderful news !! Take a deep breath, and relax and enjoy your holidays coming up. Sounds like you are a Healthy You !! Good for you !! Enjoy your favorite celebrations !! YOU deserve it !!! Love yourself. XXOO Have a Happy !!!

  • As I also have posted before, it is critical that along with diet and exercise a patient with CKD must also manage their medications and dosages. I don't advocate taking supplements because someone else does or one doctor does. What I'm saying is that nobody should take any supplements without first discussing them with their Care Team to make sure that the supplement in the dose you want is not going to trigger an unwanted reaction.

    If you believe this doctor whose newsletter you subscribe to then be happy and well. I wouldn't take anything without first verifying its potential to help my condition or more important, do some harm.

    That's my only point. What will the supplement do for you personally? I'm happy for the 84-year-old in this example, and I hope you can write about him again when he is 94. Just advising others to check with their doctors before taking anything, and then determining if this is something you are willing to take.

  • Thank you for sharing your opinion. I appreciate it.

  • Great news Mr Kidney! Happy to hear it!

  • That is really good news. Nothing better than when they don't need to see you again for a few months. Enjoy the holidays.

  • Great news ! Blessings !

  • Great news, Sir

  • Great news! Thank you for your posts!

  • I am so happy for you with good results on your scans! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Yay !

  • Sure im upset. And when i see that you and a lot of the rest of us havent been told about any possible ckd probs, it upsets me more.

    Someone someplace in my readings said docs are not REQUIRED to tell us till 4th ! stage.

    Well isnt that a little close to dialysis/transplant time for a doc to tell us ... surprise ! you've got a problem with a diificult ending.

  • Doctors are required to tell you everything about the tests that they perform on you. Only they don't.

    I have a friend whose father is a retired doctor. According to him, most doctors don't inform their patients because it requires more time and effort on their part and they usually don't have the time in their schedule to do this for everyone. Without going to the deans of medical schools and asking them why this openness and honesty with patients isn't taught his answer to me is that it's not a top priority for them. So much for "First do no harm."

    In talking to some others today about this, the only thing we came up with is for every patient to immediately ask for a full, printed copy of every test run and the complete results. That puts the onus back on the patient to read the information and then contact the physician's office and get an explanation of what is possibly wrong. Without going to medical school it's also impossible to know what the doctor suspects and why.

    I can only offer everyone here what I use and hope it helps you. It's time-consuming and not everyone can do that. I'm lucky that being retired I have the time. Anyway...

    I use a website called labtestsonline.org to look up the names of each blood and urine test that are run and get the information I need there. For the big medical words/terms, I use c.merriam-webster.com/medli... and figure out what the doctors share with each other. The satisfaction I get from being able to ask intelligent questions that zero in on what or why they ordered the tests is gratifying. If the doctor questions this I explain myself and if that doesn't satisfy them I begin looking for a new and willing doctor.

    I've only been doing this for 5 months but the information I'm gathering has put my mind at ease and made me feel extremely comfortable going to an appointment armed with more knowledge than I ever did before. There are other sites I use for various things but those two are the frequently used ones.

    I hope that helps someone.

  • Good morning. I also read my own results and do the research as Mr. Kidney does. Even use the same website. It really helps. The more learning about your results The more knowledge you have in speaking with your doctor.

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