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Kidney Disease
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Will BAD NEWS ever STOP coming ?

Bad news is something that has followed me around since my kidney cancer in January 17, 2012 and it hasn't stopped yet.

I have had Gastroparesis now for a bit over a year. But lately something changed and i knew it wasn't for the good. The Gastroparesis got A LOT worse over just the last few months. I spoke to my PCP about it and she ordered a Endoscopy to see if that could find out the reasoning.

Apparently i now have Mucosal Tongues. This is a prime indicator of Barrett's Esophagus. Biopsies were taken to see if in fact i already have it now.

So stressed out about this because if i do have Barretts or the "C" word, I'm limited to how they can attack the disease due to me being in Stage 3B CKD.

I have never experienced anything so mentally abusive as having cancer and now that it may be rearing its head again, my faith is rattled, NOT gone, but injured. I know this isn't a cancer forum, but I just had to reach out for hope & prayers.

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I can understand why you are feeling so angry. Now you have to channel that anger back into the fight to help yourself stick around here longer. Admittedly, I don't know the illnesses you are having to deal with other than the CKD but if you'd like to share we'd like to listen. It seems as if you are already fighting back by coming here and getting your story out to everyone. Keep up the good fight. Post often.


Thank you so much for that. But I could go on for hours about my illnesses LOL ! Just seems, ever since my kidney cancer in 2012, everything else has went to hell too.

Take care people and keep fighting and educating yourself do you can help yourself & others 👍


My aunt suffered kidney cancer after having a kidney transplant. I don't understand all your health concerns, however my best to you.


Vent away! That's what we're here for.

Sending you you out thoughts of strength and healing to get through this next phase. I will keep you in my prayers.




I just received my test results from another round of blood tests and I'm not sure how this could happen, but i went from a GFR of 42 & Creatinine Level of 1.76 to a GFR of 62 & Creatinine Level of 1.35 ! I had to look twice to make sure the blood test was mine, even then, I'm just not sure.

The only thing i changed was how i was eating & even then, i didn't change my eating habits too much. The biggest thing that changed was the amount of fluid intake & what kind. I upped my fluids by maybe 20oz & changed from mostly water to mostly Cranberry Juice.

There's only one other thing that may be responsible for this and it's medications. I was on numerous psychiatric medications for my depression due to my bout with cancer. I stopped ALL of it on my own due to my last few GFR & Creatinine readings, just to see if that may help my levels. Well, something sure helped ! I haven't had normal readings for over 5 years.

I just don't see either thing changing my levels that drastically. I honestly feel prayer is the true answer. I have been asking God to place his healing hands upon me to help me regain my health i asked you all for prayers too.

Thank you all for your prayers, thank you so much.

I love you Lord Jesus !


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