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Kidney Disease
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Help for PKD?

I have PDK stage 5. My gfr is 11. I am trying to stay off of dialysis. I have started to eat a primarily fruit and vegetable raw diet. Haven't had any tests since starting. I have psudotumor serebri and a pineal cyst in my brain. I know some PKD patients also have these. Do any of you have these also? Have any of you done anything diet wise that has helped to improve your kidney function. I do not want to go on dialysis.

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Also (CKD) (4) not on dialysis and very much wanting to stay off it. Gfr 12-14. Pursuing diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Very important to minimize sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. Important to get a list of foods to choose and those to avoid for (CKD). Get it from a knowledgeable dietician, for example at the hospital or nephrologist you go to. Thanks for sharing.


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