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I'm writing this in the blog section instead of the question as I don't really expect anyone to be able to answer the question.

I am wondering why I feel so obliged to eat so much on a weekend? (and unfortunately this has been a three day weekend)

I feel ok about Friday as I had planned to go out and thought I should allow myself a little indulgence after an otherwise good week. The bad bit is the actual weekend. I have over eaten for no apparent reason and not even on anything worth while. Had the extra calories been on a nice meal followed by pudding or a nice big bar or even box of chocolates then fair enough but no it's just extra digestives, a handful (several) of Kellogg's crunchy nut bites, teaspoons of ice cream, malt loaf, cereal.....you prob get the pic! Also, I never sit and enjoy this stuff, it's almost like I'm standing eating quickly so it won't count. I've put it all on MFP so it does def count.

Anyway after blabbering on, I can't answer why! I'm hoping that next weekend will be better and that this weekend won't affect my weigh in too much tomorrow.

Actually, next weekend I'm going to plan an indulgence that I can sit down and enjoy and otherwise I'm going to stay away from the mindless snacking. The rest of the week I'm sticking to the plan!

Happy healthy eating!

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Lol! I know what you mean innerslim. Saturday & Sunday are my most calorific days and they're also low on activity!

My weigh in day is today (well this morning, actually) I suppose if I keep it to a Sunday at least I get to start afresh each Monday....

Like you I log absolutely everything on MFP, (I'm Tabytha13 same pic, anyone can add me as a friend) it's almost therapy, you know, to help me to recognise what & how often I'm putting things into my mouth. Amazingly I'm still getting lighter so I must be doing something right!

Don't give up.



Me too post! if I didn't do weekends I swear I would be stick thin by now, recently I have been severely cutting back in the week so I can lose some timber


Hi Innerslim

I share your weekend foot issues. For me it's about not having as much structure at weekends as I have during the week. During the week my work is keeping me busy and foot becomes part of the daily routine. The other issue I experience is that my weekends have more foot rituals, shared meals with the family and an expectation to join. I am not sure if I am expected to join or if I expect myself to join.

May I suggest as well for you to look at what the weekend means to you? You maybe lonely or unsatisfied otherwise.

I am sure you will work things out. Good luck.


For me weekends are the opposite, because there is no fixed routing like there is in work, breakfast mid morning tea lunch mid afternoon tea home dinner (exercise if i take kids swimming) then early to bed !!!! at the weekends however im on my own most of the time as the kids are either out playing or on xbox first thing, so i dont bother eating breakfast, often skip lunch and then dinner is usually earlier than usual and then im awake much later than normal. If we go out for the day i usually make sure the kids grab a sandwich before we hit the car and grab a mcdonalds or something on the way home and i either have a kids meal or just the burger and a bottle of water. the only time i have a decent meal at weekends if im doing a full sunday dinner, have my friends over once a blue moon and its customary to do a fry up mine are legendary or if were going outfor a nice meal, my calorie intake at weekends is so low its terrible, had shakes yesterday and saturday but that was quite lat in the day about 10/11 im up at 6am every day as much as id like to lie in at weekends if i let my guard down my body clock very quickly goes outta sync and then its late for work for me :(

i think the only way to avoid this is to get into a regimented routine at weekends, when my kids did rugby, gymnastics etc we were all in a fixed routine now the day is just haphazard !!!


HI innerslim,

In one word - habit.

Change your weekend regime and the eating regimes around it for better things and after a while you'll have left those habits behind and won't do the weekend nosh-up any more.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Hi Innerslim,

My daughter has a real issue with weight this is due to medication, I have no crips, biscuits ect in the house only healthy foods....if my other children want unhealthy snacks they have to use there pocket money and eat the food outside of the home. I make sure there are always tuperwear boxes of salad and chopped vegetable in the fridge for my daughter and I to snack on.

I hope this is of some help.


Hi to you,

I think a lot of people including myself have trouble with the weekends and do tend to over eat (I over indulge on the vino aswell!!) You seem to recognise what you are doing and that is usually half the battle. I have started using my fitness pal app and have shocked myself into eating less if I can becuase of the calorie counting, I know there is only me to see it but I feel better if I can stay within my alloted calories.

Am sure that it will all work out for you and the best of luck of your weight loss journey. Have a good week.

lol xx


Hi folks,

Another quite common one - for quite a lot of people more of a weekend problem than a weekday one - the dreaded take-aways!

Whilst it is possible to eat a healthy(ish) take-away, it's an awful lot easier to eat ones that are varying degrees of calorie-laden and often with lots of nutritionless 'empty' calories.

Also, remember that many people are inclined to the tipple over the weekend and as has been said many times before, alcohol inhibits fat burn.


alcohol inhibits fat burn - ahhh thats why I am so fat then :)


Hi Prin,


What happens is that alcohol is identified by your body as being nutritionless and toxic and your body therefore priorises getting rid of it. Whilst it's doing that it stops doing other things like burning fat and absorbing nutrition.

This link explains - drinkaware.co.uk/check-the-...


Another thing that I've noticed about weekends is that the adverts on TV become ever more 'food orientated' and insistent in their bids to try to make us give in to eating more. Especially Saturday nights - lots of really tasty looking foods advertised, and usually quite junk food based. Or maybe I'm primed to notice them more on weekends, due to the difference in structure etc (already mentioned, and the potential for alcohol etc), but at least we can look out for these 'obstacles' and hopefully find our way around them - by having some healthier snacks available to stop the lure of the more calorific treats.

Not easy though, I find weekends challenging!


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