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week 1 - Day 2 (I ate cake :( )

I ate cake :( but it tasted wonderful!

An alright beginning to the day turned a little ugly by 11 am when the chocolate cake in the fridge shouted for me to eat it! Working from home on a Tuesday morning definitely requires further thought (fruit bowl on the table, plenty of water to hand?) I succumbed, it tasted fab, wasn't too big a piece, and now it is gone it can scream for me no longer! Other than that, day 2 was quite successful. I refused to eat the m&m's that were offered to me and my other half is sat eating Easter egg next to me and I REALLY want to ask him for a bit...but I'm not gonna. I control chocolate, chocolate does not control me!! Or something empowering like that!

I definitely need to look into ways to drink more water. Bob off the Biggest Loser (Does anyone watch that??) says to drink a glass of water before each meal without fail, to fill you up a little more before you eat. Think I'm really going to have to do something consciously to up my h2o intake. What does everyone else do?

It's also my birthday on Friday. Does anyone know any healthier cake options that I can make to take into work? I'm thinking that something flapjack-y might be the best way forward?

Well, onwards and upwards to day 3. There will be no cake, more water, and it is PE tomorrow morning so I shall make sure that I join in when I ask the children to run etc!

Power to the wedding dress! (it will be a size 16 at the most! Although I know these things usually run a bit smaller so I'll accept an 18 maybe!)

Hope your day has been good x

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Don't take cake to work it will save you having to think or make or eat it - I am sure your colleagues won't mind - show them this post if it helps! Work place treats are my worst nightmare they say EAT ME every time I get up to go to the printer, I also don't have snacks in my drawer now either because I just scoff - I used to have low cal things like Pom bear and apples but it all mounts up!


Ohhh i love Bob, hes great! Well done on the M & M front!

As for the water, i tend to fill up a litre bottle and just drink from that throughout the day.

Onward and upward..the dress will be fab!


That cake does have a loud voice, does it not :)

One of my colleagues bought in a huge bowl of fruit to celebrate a big event in her life - it was gone in no time at all and much appreciated by everybody.

Happy birthday when it rolls around


Well done, another day down.

Personally, I'd take the cake. My work does the same thing and my workmates would not be impressed if I turned up without a cake. Check on the net re flapjacks but i think they're quite calorific. I'd take your favourite cake as you'll prob just want it anyway. I've eaten everything in the house before having the ice cream I really desired. You could always try to compensate with your calorie count and exercise.

I've blogged about water before. I have 2 cups of water (half boiled, half cold) first thing then try two with each meal. Wouldn't worry too much a apparently we get more than we think with veg cup pas etc.

Choc seems to be a bit of a nemesis for you. How about allowing yourself a bit everyday this week, every other day day next week, twice a week then perhaps weekly? I suggest this then could probably eat a bar of chocolate or several and a pack of biscuits this after! Theory always seems easier than practice.

Keep up the good work.

Happy healthy eating.

Week 1Day 2: 102cals over target, no exercise.


Chocolate is a massive nemesis! I still have an easter egg and am that bad, that I dont want to give it away, so until it is gone I am going to allow myself to eat the difference from my meals up to 1400, and then your idea about cutting down sounds good!


Same! Thankfully all eggs are finished in our house. Did mean I had calories counts of nearing 3000 on a couple days last week.


Hi ThinLizzie,

There are a number of lower calorie cakes to be found, but beware some low fat ones are not any lower in overall calories at all.

The Hairy Dieters/Bikers did some lower calorie fairy cakes and looking at the way they cut down the calories in it will give you some ideas too.

However, the amount of calories you consume also depends upon on the quantity of cake consumed, so - as the Hairy Dieters put it - the fairy cakes might be only 150 kcal each (or whatever) but that doesn't mean you can eat the whole tray of them!

Good luck with your weight loss journey.

Happy Birthday for Friday.


I have decised to go with the Hairy Bikers flapjacks - 80 something calories per slice which I don't think is bad at all. The fairy cakes were 100 and something. Been to buy the ingredients, and hope they taste good! Folks at work will have to like them! They will appreciate the effort tho!

Thanks all again, I can't believe that this is only day 3 now, and I feel like I have been doing this for a lot longer!


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