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Only 6 milestones to go!

I've just noticed that I've only got 6 milestones left on my list now!

They are: 200 lbs - BMI of 28 - 14 stone - BMI of 27 - BMI of 26 - BMI of 25.

I'm now at 91 Kgs, which is 15 less than when I started in January and leaves 11 to go.

If you had told me at the beginning of the year that I could lose 15 Kgs in under three months, I'd have probably ran in panic to the nearest chip shop!

I'm still left with that "why didn't I do this years ago?" thing going around in my head.

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Congratulations, 15 kgs in 3 months is good steady amount/rate lose.

I often have the same thoughts, I lost a good decade of my life to obesity, but looking at the plus side it could have been much longer had I not made changes. I also think the resource and support now available is considerably more than even just a few years ago, which definitely helps!

Good luck with the rest of your journey!


Hi OlsBean,

Thank you for that.

And what a weight loss journey you've had! So very, very well done to you.

The old joke about 'a shadow of your former self', must feel pretty close to the truth for you.

Absolutely inspirational!


Thanks Doikosp, it was an interesting journey all be it a little rough in places. I quite often even now find myself still having to argue with that "little monkey voice" inside my head :)

I completed C25K last week (which given my history is a massive milestone for me) and I'm hoping that will help with keeping the weight off!


Ah, monkey mind!

Alas, I know him well - and what a pain he is at times!

Actually though, it's funny you mention that, because I haven't eaten any sort of sausage for months and just yesterday as I was in the canteen there was some black pudding being cooked and it smelt just delicious.

I just quickly beat a retreat!


Monkey Mind sits on one shoulder leading us astray. But can we think of a name for his opposite number please? He's the one who sits on our other shoulder (albeit he seems to slip off a lot!) keeping us on the right path of eating healthily and doing exercise. He's gotta have a cool name - and he's telling me to go out now and exercise now!


Owl something?


Wise owl? Actually at the end of my c25k session I could only come up with "hamster heart"


Well done share your secrets!

I am thinking I need some mini milestones! Overall goal is a BMW of 25


Hi Piri,

I rarely comment on typos - but that one did make me smile! I think you meant a BMI of 25.

Or perhaps some nice member of your family or other benevolent benefactor has promised you a new BMW car as a reward to getting to your goal?


lol if only !- flippin auto text on my Ipad


Hi Doikosp,

As always, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I am so glad that you’ve lost 15kgs. It is a BIG number, and BIG success.

I am asking myself the same question, why didn’t I do it earlier. I don’t know. I guess, that is a human nature. Why don’t we enjoy our lives more, e.g. watch less TV, spend more time with friends and family, etc, etc. I read recently a poem by J.L. Borges, “Moments”, and it inspired me to enjoy my life more from that moment on and not to look back.


Hi 2Bhappy,

One of the factors is that - as the Indian in that Clint Eastwood film would put it - getting overweight 'snucks up on you'.

I now look a lot less like my recent self - who I now refer to as "my old fat friend" - but I've noticed that actually I look more like I did about 12 or so years ago - except for looking 12 or so years older.

I saw an old photo of my other half and me on the London Eye from those days, and instantly thought, "Actually, I'm returning to my true weight and shape".

It's feels a bit like I'm freeing / letting out the proper size me who's been imprisoned inside my 'old fat friend' for years.

I'm also thinking this morning that I'm going to have to start getting some of my clothes taken in, or my trousers will be around my ankles!

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning :), an old friend - how nicely said :)


Your successes are inspiring. I am glad I have joined your here and appreciate your support.


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