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...a smaller me and what to do about Easter!

Another 1.5 lbs gone and another half cm from waist. Thats 11 lbs and 4.5cm altogether. Dug out an old pair of size 16 jeans and they fit!

Its not been an easy week again but as we all know, weight loss is hard, all of the time. Getting plenty of tips from other bloggers which really helps.

On a very positive note, I have been virtually free of hip and knee pain (except the odd twinge going downstairs). Have a bit of a flare up in my back and hands at moment but am amazed that a bit of gentle exercise and loss of weight has made so much difference.

Week 6 starts today, its going to be a hard one with Easter at the end of it (I am a chocoholic). After many protests when I suggested no Easter Eggs this year (I argued all 3 of us are on the plump side), we agreed to 1 egg each.

Here goes,

Good luck everyone, this is the week we will all need it!

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I love compromise - 1 egg each - good plan - maybe squeeze a bit more exercise to burn it off. I think i would eat it in one satisfying sitting :-).

completely brillant on your weight loss, fitting into smaller jeans - fantastic achievement and must give a huge boost to your morale.

Keep blogging - I am having my own frustrating weight loss journey and reading blogs like yours keeps me in the game!


Hi TubbyTil,

Well done. I just "lost" the problems I had with my feet (plantar faciitis) after two or three weeks of losing weight. Like, it just ..... disappeared!

It's a health benefit many people forget about - just reducing the stresses and strains on you skeleton and muscles.

Sometimes, people's tendency to crave chocolate can be reduced by ensuring they're getting enough B vitamins from other sources, a B vitamin supplement, yeast spread (that one that everyone either loves or loathes!), etc.

I mean chocolate is a good source of vitamin B, so it might be worth a try if you find your attraction to chocolate is cramping your weight-loss style.

And very high concentration chocolate - e.g. Willie Harcourt- Cooze - can be used more like pepper / spice in savoury foods, which might help reduce any cravings without significantly upping the calorie intake.


Thank you Suzybenj and Doikosp,

I learnt a long time ago not to deny myself 'a little bit of what I fancy'. When a food becomes 'forbidden fruit' a destructive cycle of feeling deprived and then binging begins. I satisfy my chocolate cravings with lowcal hot choc, chocolate snackajacks and the occasional jaffacake. This works for me. When I was a Weightwatcher, very dark strong choc was suggested as you only need a small piece to get satisfaction and the taste lingers.... Eugh, sorry, very dark/pure choc tastes like earwax to me.

Vitamin B suggestion was good but when I checked sources of vitamin B online, I found my diet is not lacking in this area, so for me I think Its just a case of want not need.

Good luck to both of you this week

(Getting less) Tubbytii


Wow! TubbyTii you are an inspiration :) thank you, I am only on day 1 of this 12 week kick start and it fills me with hope reading your blog.



Good luck with your weightloss journey. 6 weeks ago i started mine and for the first time in my life, I realised dieting isnt just about the food we eat and the exercise we do but also its to do with the way we think. These blogs and bloggers have really helped me because when I have hit a bad day or problem, someones blog experiences or comments have been there to help with advice, support or even to remind that we all have bad days, its how we deal with them that determines our success and hiccups. All the best with your weight loss this week. :)


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