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Revenge of the chocolate hobnobs


having left Uk many years ago, ive found this website very helpful and a little taste of home with the humour also. But a taste of home brings me to my title.

A taste of home is something i often miss, but have found that cooking traditional English food now and then helps alot, but imported food where i am, can get too some crazy prices and as such not seen that often. So whilst wandering around my local supermarket i saw a display of the ever so evil and thoroughly missed chocolate hobnobs, and wow they were on special offer. I hadnt seen them in years, now i faced a challenge.

During my year of healthy eating, my girlfriend has stood by me and been so good by not having chocolate and biscuits in the house. ( not a chocolate person, but ooooh those biscuits), so i decided to face the challenge and bought her a packet as i knew she would enjoy them, and had never tasted them. A treat for her and a test for me. I even taught her the British art of dunking, what a good boyfriend i was.

She was hooked, sat on the sofa and over two nights polished them off, oh i was so proud of myself. Resisted temptation and was quite the saint preaching at her about fat contents and calories. Which i might add she totally ignored, and couldnt answer as she was doing a hamster impression with her stuffed cheeks. But i was glad to see the empty packet in the bin, and i felt another hill had been climbed.

Today i got home, and looked in the cupboard to discover SIX packets of the damn things.

When i asked her WHY!!!!!!!!!!!, she smiled and said in a very sweet voice " ooh i like them alot"

Arghh ive created my own monster,

NO more Mr Nice guy for me.

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Not on quite the same scale - introduced my 12 year old to rich tea dunking yesterday - Soooo good. Made him take them to his bedroom - out of my eye line.

Best of luck - keep them behind closed doors


mmmmm rich tea, ur not working for her are u?


Actually rich tea are not that bad calorie wise if you have 2 or 3.

But I feel for you as chocolate hobnobs are the best :/


but who stops at two or three......


Havent had rich tea in years, your all temptresses, im going to carry a bunch of garlic and a crucifix


Haha. Where do you live now? If they were that much of a crazy price you should ask your girlfriend to take the hobnobs back :p


All part of the plan! If you learn to moderate then you can have a treat every now and then, rather than banishing food!

They're 34cals per biscuit, so they are good for me as they provide a quick energy boost between getting home and going out to the gym.


yeah i can moderate not an issue anymore, just starting to realise the evil ways of the female race hahaha teach me right for calling her PORKY


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