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Starting up


I only started my NHS 12 week programme yesterday, did really well on food and exercise. I found it hard to stick to my daily calorie intake of 1400, however I managed. I went to bed starving so I'm surprised I fell asleep at all. So yesterday my weight was 86.3, I am looking forward to weighing myself next week. Oh it's a bliss when you start isn't it, you can actually see the weight coming off, dreading the after the 12 weeks time :0/

Upwards and onwards my friends...

Doing a zumba class tonight, really excited as I'm trying out a new gym..

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Well done on sticking to the calories, I can assure you that now being on week 5 you do get used to the smaller amounts of food.

If you have trouble try drinking water, or a green tea as most people find that it helps stave of the hunger. Most of the time when we are hungry we are actually thirsty any way.

Have you done Zumba before? I've never been to a class but have the wii game and the dvds and love it! More like dancing than exercise.

Good luck on your weight loss journey! :)


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