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Day 81: Carefully

Wordsworth21st 7lbs

One thing I have found today is that I have to ease myself back into my routine after burn out. Going straight back to what I was doing previously is wrong. I have to take it slowly. My mental health also took a hit, I think today, finding out that we are going back in to lockdown, and this is also something that I have to think about. Stress has physical symptoms as well as mental ones, so remember to look out for them.

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Stay strong and stay safe.

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Good luck with it Wordsworth you are obviously understanding more about yourself determined and seeing the positives. I hope the lockdown in Leicester is eased for you soon

Sheperdess2st 7lbs

I’m sorry to hear that lockdown is continuing for you. I know you were looking forward to going back to work. Hang in there. It will be removed soon 😊

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