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My website on losing weight for unhealthy sweet-toothed ppl like me!

CrimsonMama6 stone

So as some ppl might know I have been studying to learn computer programming starting with web design and in order to practise what I have learned so far I made this website based on my own weight-loss experience!

It's aimed at ppl who like chocolate and not conventional healthy foods but still want to have hope that they can lose weight! I have lost 5 stone and about 25% body fat without giving up foods I love!

As I am still learning it's best to view all pages in desktop mode on tablets and mobiles otherwise some of the image alignment might be off.

Also please feel free to tell me of any bugs or links that don't work. I am pretty sure they all do! But this will be first test out on multiple devices!

Thank you!

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Well done on what you've achieved both in weight loss (admin where's the 5st badge?) and in your computing skills.

The site works quite smoothly and so do the links I tried. That's a big 'woohoo!' from me :)

CrimsonMama6 stone in reply to Tiggerr

Thank you so much for looking! I may have to go back and do spell check too! Lol. As a job I wouldn't have to write the content as it is the design and layout aspect that I was really practising. Writing all the content took a lot of time! As Lytham will attest to as I have been putting a lot of extra minutes into the Summer Challenge! Haha!

Tiggerr15kg in reply to CrimsonMama


All those extra mins have paid off.

Yours 'Pedant' :)

Really nice, the idea and the outcome! I've checked from the phone, and all worked for me

CrimsonMama6 stone in reply to 2718281

Thank you! Your feedback is most appreciated!

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Wow ! Thats sooo clever, well done you! All the links worked fine for me, love the visuals, the fish fingers and the wagon ! Also like BooHoo! Suck it up! :-) great job! :-) x

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