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How to calorie count easily


Asking the obvious really but not seriously calorie counted before - how do you know the calorie value of an apple, banana etc. Packet things obviously weigh and check per 100g etc. And it is the Kcal I record? So want to get on top of this but feel anxious. How do you measure and equate milk? uhhhh so many questions........

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Budda7213st 7lbs

Hi I calorie count using an app on my phone (apps for everything) it’s called my fitness pal and it has a good diary area where you couldn’t everything you eat and it will tell you how many calories you have eaten. It had a database with thousands of items in it so just type what you use into it eg. Asda small banana and it will have it listed there for you. I know there are other sites that you can use but I’ve found this one to be the easiest to use.

You can also scan the barcode on the packaging if you don’t want to type it and it has majority of things listed.

Hope this helps.



As Budda has said, you can use an app, or the calorie checker on the NHS choices site, or you can Google. Just be careful to check weights and measures.

Yes to Kcal, no to kjoules.

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So confused..... Which one do I use????

please explain the difference between

Kcal 134

Energy KJ 568

Cal 126

For ASDA 2 X Weetabix

It's winding me up now! 😈

morelessAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Use Cal 126.

As well as ‘My fitness pal ‘ you can always put the calorie request sraight into google!

How many calories, orange etc

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Thanks yep nice and simple. 😉


i use the same method as IamthinkingJapanese - just google "how many calories is xxx" or I use the labels on the products if I have them already.

At the start I also did a list of things I use regular, what calorie content is for the amount I most often use. After logging everything to the exact amount for the first 2 months or so I found after that I remembered them and didn't need to log everything in so much detail.

I still go back to google and checking calories when making a new recipe from scratch or if im using a recipe from online I try and use ones where calories are already on them

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2.5 stone that's impressive, well done! 👍


Thanks all that's been really helpful. Feeling more confident now, was just a bit overwhelmed! 👍

aww I get overwhelmed too, my partner says I need to plan meals because whether its calories or syns (slimming world) or points (Weight watchers) there has to be some management otherwise we find ourselves staring at food really hungry wondering how quickly can I work it out because I really need to eat!! lol …. :D

Being overwhelmed is a horrid feeling (I take Kalms or propanalol for anxiety when bad, but does not suit everyone) Good luck! :)

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Bless you stay calm I will if you will.You name it I've done it SW, WW etc etc doesn't work for me now at 55, I just focus on good foods, clean eating and smaller portions. Plus as much exercise as I can physically manage. Good luck. 🍀 Keep me posted.

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