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1st c25k run this morning

Just completed my first c25k run. I nearly didn’t go, I was going through all the reasons in my head why i should stay in the house e.g do the dishes, wash the floors, even ironing. In the end I realised if I didn’t do it today I knew that would be my reason to stop dieting and I would be back to square one again.

I thought I would take the dog, not a good idea when they want to stop and smell everything every two secs. I’m not sure if it’s me but I cannot wear earphones - they kept falling out!!!!

Apart from the dog and the earphones - I DID IT. I selected Sarah Milligan as my coach and it’s quite surprising how quick the 30 minutes went. My run was just a quicker walk, but I did it.

Reminder now to do it on Saturday. Give it a try it’s not that scary after all x

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Very well done Nettie 😀🎉👏. That’s fabulous

You did make me smile though with the earphones and the dog!! 😂



Dog staying in the house next time ! 🏃🏼‍♀️🐶

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Lol 😂


Way to go Nettie. I have to say though that given that selection of choices, it would be running for me every time :)

I'm lucky that I have a dog that runs by my heels (sometimes too close) except for one really miserable rainy morning in the dark. He disappeared after about 1km, I had to assume he'd gone home and it turned out, that is exactly what he did. I guess he has more sense than me.

Good luck with your Saturday run and great to see you so enthused.

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Thank you


Hi everyone

Hope you are all doing well? I did my second c25k run this morning, a little more positive this morning but still wasn’t keen to go out in the cold ❄️.

This time the dog stayed in the house, and I borrowed my daughters Bluetooth headphones, these didn’t move at all. Feeling much more awake than if i stayed in on the sofa.

Feeling motivated and it really helps to read all your posts to know I’m not the only one struggling.

This is definitely boosting me on ! Thank you everyone. I need to weigh on Monday - 🤞🏻. Be glad with any loss xx


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