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Blood Sugar Diet

Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone is following the blood sugar diet plan? How do you find it? Any recipe ideas? I have PCOS and think that being insulin resisant is playing a big part in me putting on weight so I need to eat low carb. I was just reading about this diet of just wanted to get some feedback. Are there any other Pcos suffers on here? sometimes we can feel like this when we are going through trials and we pray and we feel like we are getting no answer. We may say Jehovah why are you forsaking me? What do you do to lose weight? Thanks 😀

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Consider a less strict way of eating that may be more sustainable phcuk.org/wp-content/upload...

All carbohydrate breaks down to glucose in our body; the amount and how fast it does this are important phcuk.org/sugar/.

Even processing food like reducing the fat in dairy, baked beans, removing the fat from protein (such as meat) raises the insulin-stimulating effects.

Get most of your energy from natural fat (including body-fat).

All the best!

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There are a few people on here doing well on the BSD and even more doing better on a low carb but higher calorie eating plan Battleofthebulge

If you use the search box (top right of the screen) you will find lots of info, and recipes as well in the recipe section under “low carb”

Good luck


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