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Workout Videos That Are Actually Fun!

Hi everyone,

I found TheFitnessMarshall's videos a few months back, and did several of them a day, but I ended up spiraling back to gaining weight after a while of giving up with healthy eating, but I've been back on track for a couple of weeks and have just started these videos again, making a 20-40 minute workout a day along with walking.

They are super super fun, and are hip-hop cardio to modern pop songs that are super high energy and effort. The dancer is incredibly encouraging and super funny, and I just love doing these videos. They definitely make you break a sweat, but they almost forget you're doing a workout after a while. I also love in many of his videos there are back up dancers of varying sizes and genders, which I think encourage me a lot.

I just wanted to share incase any of you were interested in trying this new work-out, I promise if you watch one video you'll probably be hooked! His name is "TheFitnessMarshall" on YouTube!

Charlotte :)

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Hi chaaarllll

The workout does look like fun but as they are advertsing to sell tickets for their show we are not permitted to have it on this forum. Would you mind please editing your post to remove the links. Thank you. :)


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