Tortoise & Hare Club 26th Nov '17

Tortoise & Hare Club 26th Nov '17

Hi everyone!

I am hosting the Tortoise & Hare Club for this week, and I'd like to start by Congratulating Ceals on her C25K Medal - shaking pom poms and very excited for you, Ceals - a great achievement!!! :-)

Secondly, moreless has asked me to share the Rota she's put together for the future hosting of this Club - I hope that if anyone else would like to host, that they'll get in touch so they can be added to the Rota - they would be more than welcome to host future ones:

Sunday 3rd December - Ruth_canal_runner

Sunday 10th December - Fjb6

Sunday 17th December - PippiRuns

Sunday 24th December - DiveMonkey

Sunday 31st December - Mochta

Sunday 7th January - LinaLamont

Sunday 14th January - Zest (can't seem to tag myself)

Sunday 21st January - Tiggerr

If anyone else wants to be added, they would be more than welcome


This week I've only managed to run once - and that was at the gym. I ran on the treadmill for 2 separate single Kms, whilst alternating with other activities - but it felt good.

I have put a photo up of some local Cliff-path run routes that I hope will inspire me to 'get out there' in the fresh air and enjoy an outdoor run.

Please pop in and tell us all about your Runs this week - and what you're enjoying about this time of year - or if there are hurdles in your running path, maybe talk about them, and we can try to negotiate them together.

I love being part of this great Club - you all inspire me to keep running - and I hope to get back to regular running this week. :-)

Zest :-)


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54 Replies

  • I've managed to edit my post to include the photo. However, I am having some problems with my internet connection today - so I may be a little 'intermittent' - but I will hope to reply to everyone this week - but just wanted to explain incase I appear to have disappeared. I am hoping that my internet will continue to work. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Just to say that I can't edit my post at the moment - but Tiggerr has kindly offered to host on 21 January - thank you Tiggerr!

    As soon as I am able to re-edit my post, I will add your name to the Rota. :-)

    Yay, I've added you - edit was finally enabled. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Morning Zest and thank you for hosting this week's T&H club. Those pictures are fantastic... what a place to get out and about, whether walking, running or other.

    During the week days I stuck to my 2 runs, although I had to swap my Wed to a Thur because I was weary from exertions at work. This morning I increased my time by 13 mins. I wasn't going to but I figure that if I'm happy to do extra on a Sunday then fine and it will make the weekday lesser distances more manageable, physically and mentally (best laid plans of mice :) ).

    I'm always running in the dark but I like the quiet freedom of it. I've had two dogs running with me although why they do it one lap after another I don't know. During the week it was raining or wet and quite muddy but this morning it was the first really hard frost and the tracks were reasonably frozen.

    Only 52 days until it will be getting lighter than it is today. That's only about 18 runs for me.

    I agree with you that this club is a big help in keeping me motivated too.

    Have a good week everyone.

  • Hi Tiggerr,

    Great to see you, and well done for achieving your 2 Runs this week - and on increasing your time by 13 mins this morning - that is an excellent achievement! :-) You've got a good plan in relation to managing your week - and having your 2 dogs running alongside - they sound like lovely Running Companions. :-) Glad you managed to stay safe and upright, despite the frozen tracks under your feet. Like you say, better than running on muddy terrain.

    Wishing you an excellent week ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Well done Tiggerr i love that you are counting away the dark day by number of runs!

  • :) I think I have an OCD thang where I always work out how long before it's as light as this present day. Historically I've probably gone into some sort of mental hibernation but by being with this forum, I've actually stayed a lot more motivated than normal :)

  • That is really interesting Tigger - but your way of counting certainly makes the dark days go more quickly.

  • Aw thanks for a special mention Zest I have to say I am still feeling on top of the world about it.

    Ran twice in the week one 30 minutes and one a shorter 15 mins but trying to improve pace.

    Yesterday with time to spare I ran a full 5k, but it does take me a long time. It was such a lovely day to run, very frosts but such beautiful clear blue skies. Lots of dog walkers to pass the time of day with as I ran round my park/field.

    Husband is so impressed with my progress he has asked for a pair of running shoes for Christmas and I am only too happy to oblige.

    Any advice about increasing my pace would be much appreciated.

    Hope everyone has had a good week

    Lovely photographs.

  • Hi Ceals,

    Fantastic to hear you're still feeling on top of the world about your shiny new badge - C25K - that is a brilliant achievement, and long may the good feeling last!

    Wow, you ran a full 5km yesterday - that is GREAT! Glad you had a lovely day to run, and that you enjoyed it.

    I am especially pleased to hear you've inspired your husband to ask for those running shoes for Christmas - you'll be able to run together.

    I am sure other more seasoned runners will comment on ways for you to increase your pace - speaking personally, I just tend to try to increase by a few seconds - but other times I just run at a pace that feels 'comfortable' - it all depends how I'm feeling on the day.

    Wishing you an excellent week ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks Zest. Hmmm! maybe a few seconds is where I should be aiming - not trying to get too fast too soon, certainly don't want to do any damage.

    I am really excited about my husband's desire to join me. He has been so impressed with how I have progressed and didn't just stop when I achieved the first goal of completing the course.

    I am intending to carry on, we will have to see how the winter weather impacts!

  • It's turned really cold here but I'd much rather run in 3 rather than 33 degrees. Had a bit of a change around this week - on Monday I ran 7k to Aldi then got a lift home. We must have one of the few Aldi's where there are sheep on the opposite side of the road. You can watch them graze as you stand in line :) Wednesday was my usual 5K route but Friday's 5K took place on Thursday as on Friday we had to take a neighbour to Limoges airport. After a three day break I'm really looking forward to my run tomorrow.

    Ceals you must be chuffed to bits with your running, it's brill you've completed the C25K. I'm not the one to ask about improving speed though as my focus is on keeping injury free and out there ;)

    Zest love the photos you post you make me want to run that fabulous coastal path it just looks so inviting. Tomorrow is the start of week 4 of the BS diet and 800 cals per day and so far no impact on my running - I'm hoping the scales are kind to me tomorrow as we had a bit of a splurge last night :)

  • Good to hear date night went well Mochta well done for running 7K.

    Actually you are right about staying injury free. I have a bit of a knee that I have to nurse and I would hate to get a flare up,that would put me off.

    I love running in the cold although I may need to invest in some kind of a running jacket before winter really hits with a vengeance.

    Must be interesting in Aldi for those buying lamb as they look at them in the field whilst buying their cousins.

  • Completely agree - staying injury free - and pacing yourself - good to bear these things in mind. :-)

  • Thanks Zest

  • Hi Mochta,

    I remember that you were planning that 7km run to Aldi, with the lift home afterwards, so well done for actioning your plan! I hope you enjoyed it. I can see you've changed your schedule around, and now you're looking forward to running tomorrow, after a 3 day break - so you should be 'rested' and 'raring to go' tomorrow - I hope you thoroughly enjoy it!

    Thanks for your kind comments on the photos - it is indeed an 'inviting cliff-path' - one that I often 'walk' but rarely 'run' - and I really do hope to run it more frequently.

    I hope the scales are kind to you tomorrow - and that your splurge last night hasn't impacted too much. You sound like you're doing well on the Blood Sugar Diet - and glad it's not stopped you from running.

    Hope you have an excellent week.

    Zest :-)

  • If anyone is looking for an inspiring past post from the Tortoise & Hare Club, this is one that I've just spotted in the 'Newsfeed' - regarding our lovely moreless - just 6 months ago she achieved a Marathon!

    Read here for details:

    Ceals - glad you spotted it and commented on it, so we can all be reminded of the success of our Tortoise & Hare Runners - and Moreless - you are AMAZING!

    Hope I've not embarrassed you - and I know that you're recuperating currently, but we hope that you will be back running with us as and when you can.

    Zest :-) xxx

  • Thanks so much Zest. I need to remember just what I have achieved and not dwell on what I'm not achieving now :) xxx

  • Definitely!!! You are inspirational - and you've achieved such a lot - and you can do so again (on the running front) once you're recuperated.

    We appreciate all you've done - and all you continue to do. I don't know how you do it.

    Zest :-) xxx

  • Well said Zest

  • 8pm I have been having a few internet issues today - keep getting cut off, so I may disappear for the remainder of tonight to chill out and unwind. But I will be back tomorrow - so hope to catch up then with any more Tortoise & Hare Runners out there. :-) xxx

  • Thanks for hosting, Zest. I’m envious of those cliff paths. So beautiful.

    I’ve run three times this week, in total around 19 km. But I’m still injured (pain in right buttock and groin/hip) and it is not getting better despite my stretching, exercises for that area and slowing down. I think I’ll have to find myself a physiotherapist.

    I’m not running with my normal group anymore. I have to run with the team called Slowfox. I’m a tortoise these days, but it is the only way I can keep the pain from flaring up. It’s not too bad though. The Slowfox team is full of lovely ladies ❤️ My only worry is that I won’t be able to run my fourth half marathon this year which was one of my three goals for this year. It’s silly but it really upsets me 😔

    I’m happy to host mid December.

  • When's your 4th half marathon Pippi? It may sound dramatic, but I think two weeks off running altogether may be what you need right now, even if you're getting close to the big day. When I had my hip issues last year, I had to completely stop for 2 weeks, do the careful stretching exercises, and then ease back in. I've had no problems since, although this may be because I really do do those hip stretching exercises now! It's not nice to suddenly get an injury like that, especially when it won't go away :(

  • It is on 31st December but I haven't run more than 10k since September. I don't think I'll be ready :-( If I don't run for two weeks I then have three weeks to reach 21 km. I doubt that is possible...

  • You could reach 10/15k in 3 weeks and walk the the rest perhaps... Did you manage to see a physio?

  • Nope, I think I am avoiding it because I know s/he will tell me to take a break, But I promise to make the call tomorrow.

    I am under a bit of stress at the moment. I'm finishing a semester on my second masters degree while still working full-time and we are buying a house in the country where we can go and relax on weekends and during holidays. Buying property is so complicated, it just stresses me out! And running is my best method for stress relief. If the physio tells me to stop, I don't know what to do. :-) :-)

  • If you can run 3/4 distance in training, you can run the full distance on race day. Take the break please.

    For the future, remember 5k runners are healthier than marathon runners because their body is able to recover within sufficient time to facilitate an improvement in functional capacity, whereas the long distance runners' aren't.

  • I know my body needs that break. I ran a slow 5k today and the pain is there again. Now I really need to listen.

    I am not that crazy about the half marathon distance, I think I prefer the 10k distance, actually. The only reason why I want to do another one in 2017 is that my three goals for this year is (was): One HM every quarter, 1000k in total and 5k under 30 minutes. I am just stubborn!

    I am not even contemplating becoming a full marathon runner - I can't imagine myself doing that.

  • So sorry to hear how you are struggling with pain/injury PippiRuns I know how much your running means to you. Goals are really important but not at the risk of more pain and worsening injury.

    Hope you can get some good support from a physio.

    Take care

  • I would say 'not stubborn' just 'determined' :-) Nothing wrong with some goals, but being careful and attending to injuries is important too. :-)

  • Hi PippiRuns,

    I like the name 'Slowfox' and I'm glad you're trying to slow down to allow yourself to heal - I know you're feeling upset about the Half Marathon later this year - but like Ruth_canal_runner says, hopefully you will benefit from the rest and recuperate and be able to run as you hope when the time comes. I am amazed you've run 19km this week, I don't think I would be able to run at all if I had any pain - so please do be careful and I hope you find yourself a Physiotherapist who can advise you on what you can do to help yourself get better.

    Big hug to you (((PippiRuns))) and wishing you a good week ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you Zest. I trying to make up my mind... shall I push through and do it despite the pain because it is that important to me to reach my goal? Or is it too risky? I might injure myself even more and ruin my chances of a speedy recovery.... I'm afraid I already know what a physio will say :-(

  • I know it's a dilemma, but probably better to err on the side of caution when it comes to your health, and I hope the Physio will give you some good advice.

    Zest :-)

  • You are right, Zest. I know. I really have to take care of my body and not injure myself just to reach some silly, random goal

  • :-) It's not a silly random goal - I know you have thought out your goals sensibly - and hopefully you can complete them all - but maybe within an extended time period, depending on what the physio suggests etc.

    I noticed you've got lots of stressful things going on too - so be kind to yourself, PippiRuns :-)

  • Hi Zest thanks for hosting, happy to host on Christmas eve :) Will be doing my 50th parkrun on the 23rd :D

    Last week managed to get 3 runs in, including my first attempt at speed training.

    This week will be quite busy as I am aiming to finish most of my first working chapter of my masters thesis by the end of the week and trying to include hill, speed and trail running (10km on Saturday at a wine estate) training.

    Hoping to cram it all in :)

  • I believe in you DiveMonkey! Why not aim high if you believe you can do it! I think you will have an excellent first chapter all finished and very tired legs by the end of this week. Enjoy :)

  • Thanks Ruth_canal_runner. Hill training tonight! Definitely going to feel it tomorrow!

  • Ooh good luck! Lots of hamstring stretches and heel drops after. Mind you the downhills tend to stretch everything back out anyway. You'll be fine :)

  • Hi DiveMonkey,

    Thanks for hosting on Christmas Eve - and good luck for doing your 50th Parkrun on the 23rd - that is phenomenal...!!! :-)

    Well done for managing to do 3 Runs last week - that is really good, and I hope that your first attempt at Speed Training was enjoyable. I'm not sure what that involves, but I hope it was fun.

    Good luck with finishing Chapter 1 of your Master's Thesis, and juggling that with your Running goals - and hope that 10km at the Wine Estate is enjoyable - I bet the scenery will be breath-taking.

    Enjoy your week.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks Zest I will post some pics up on Sunday :)

    On to hill training I go tonight... 31 degrees in Cape Town today, I think summer is here

  • Fantastic, enjoy! :-)

  • Hope the wine estate run doesn't include sampling as you run DiveMonkey!

    You certainly have a gruelling schedule coming up. 50 ParRuns is amazing, well done.

  • Thank you for hosting Zest. I couldn't post yesterday as it was a hectic day of DIY and various errands, but here I am now :) I love your pictures, it really is one of the great advantages of being a runner that, in covering more ground, you also see more scenery. I look forward to my T&H post next week - I'll have to think of what picture to post too.

    I have two 5k runs to report for last week. I meant to do three runs, but Thursday and Friday were very full, long days, and that kind of broke my week up too much to be able to fit the third run in. But I'm happy with those two. The first 5k was around local streets on a dark evening at the beginning of the week. I felt I ran well, although I had to wait at a few traffic lights so it came out at 36:29. This is very good for a 5k run on my own however, as running 5k in a group is a completely different story. My second 5k was at parkrun on Saturday. The ground was frozen and the grass was crunchy with frost, so I think this helped me run a little faster, 32:05, almost 2 minutes faster than my last parkrun a couple of weeks ago. Although this is still a lot slower than the PBs I was notching up earlier in the year. But at the moment I'm seeing real improvement, and that's better than a PB any day.

    I hope to definitely fit in three runs this week, so I'll pledge which days I'm going to do this here. Run 1 - Tues am, Run 2 - Thurs eve, Run 3 - Sun am. Happy running everyone :)

  • Hi Ruth_canal_runner,

    Great to see you today and hope your DIY and various errands went ok yesterday. Sounds like you had a busy Sunday! :-) I will look forward to seeing what photo you post next week - it's lovely to see different Running routes and scenery.

    Well done on managing to do two 5km runs last week - that is a great achievement - especially as you had such a busy week to contend with. An excellent time on your first run, especially as it included waiting at traffic lights - and you've improved on your time on the second one. Well done. The fact you're seeing 'real improvement' is Golden - long may that continue. :-)

    I can see you've Pledged to do your 3 runs this week. I wish I could follow your example on that one, but I am feeling lethargic this week - and it's incredibly windy today - but maybe I will get some energy as the week goes on. Enjoy your first run tomorrow morning - I will be thinking of you!

    Happy Running!

    Zest :-)

  • I'll be setting my alarm to fit tomorrow's early run in. Maybe you might consider doing the same? There is something really amazing about being out and running before everyone else is up - even if the getting out of bed part feels awful!!

  • I will consider this. Thanks for the motivation. :-) xx

  • I ,love running early - best time of the day, although I don't go before it is light as i run in quite an isolated spot.

  • Definitely best to be safe on a run. :-)

  • Well done! Very speedy indeed. I would also want to get home asap if it was that cold!

    Good luck with the running in the cold weather! :)

  • Great running Ruth and super planning for next week.

    I hope to be able to manage a sub 40 minute 5K in the not too (very) distant future.

  • Hi Ceals,

    Just wanted to wish you well with your goal to manage a sub 40 minute 5km in the not too (very) distant future. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Hi Zest, lovely photos! you live in a beautiful area :)

    I've got 2 runs to report since the last time I posted. I did a 6k on Saturday which was really nice, and I've done a 25 minute run tonight - still using the original c25k app! My main problems at the moment are a) not wanting to go out when it's dark - but not a lot I can do to fix that apart from good ol motivation b) not being able to pace myself properly during runs. If I do 5k, my first 3k are the fastest and then I have to slow down. Since my HM, all my runs have been like this. I don't know why! But it puts me off longer distances. Anyone got any ideas??

    No problem for 7th Jan - it's in my diary.

    PS well done again Ceals !

  • Hi LinaLamont,

    Great to see you, and well done on managing 2 runs this week - that's really good, especially as I know you're not keen to run outside when it's dark. I feel sure you'll get better at pacing yourself, over time. I haven't got any ideas - as I don't really do longer distances - but maybe someone else will have some ideas to impart.

    Thanks for doing 7th January (rota wise), and I'd like to wish you another really good week ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks LinaLamont

    Clearly i am in no position to give any thought to any running advice - however I would be delighted if I could run 5k with even some of it being at a reasonable pace - i will keep plodding on!

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