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Might be time to start thinking of some new clothes

Well, there are up's and downs in this slimming malarkey. And having loose clothing is a welcome one, albeit a tad expensive.

Well, these jeans fitted me two months ago, now I feel like I am wearing clown trousers.

I think a trip to the high street might be in order, at least it will be quiet this time of year..... Oh heck!!!!

In the meantime here's to the next belt notch along :-)

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You could always ask Santa, TheCookster! ;)

Fantastic!! A brilliant problem to have! :)


Fantastic news, enjoy choosing new trews!


Whoo hoo well done you - I take it you have been measuring as well as weighing?

Wishing you all the best on your shopping trip :)

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Well done! 😊 One of the best things about loosing weight is shopping for smaller clothes 👍 Go treat yourself. You earnt it👍


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