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ive lost two more lbs ..wow it works xx

after a no loss week ..not for the want of trying i felt so low ,,but with love and kindness of this group i have gone from 22st 5lb .........to 20st 7lb and a quarter..my goal is to get anywhere under twenty stone by christmas..... then next year i would love to remove another 5 stone ...being kind and getting slowly more active as the lbs drop.i take each day as it comes so thats the plan but like all plans things can go wonky and next year i might only achieve a totle of two lb or two stone .... any loss is a achievment .xxxxx happy halloween everyone ... love Gina xxxxx

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Delighted your efforts paid off Gina

Keep going

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Fabulous news gina1961 😊 very well done


Well done you, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Keep going - it is the overall change that matters. Well done!


Good job!!!


Every successful day is one more than your old ways :)

Well done on another 2 lbs :D


weeeeeheeeeee well done that's great gina1961 hope you have a good week :)


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