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Ready to change my life

Hi I'm new to this site really need to loose weight for an op so we love any advise any one can give me as i always end up snacking as I have a sweet tooth .☺

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Hi Skinny2 and welcome to the weight loss forum.

You are invited to join our Newbie Club, where you can meet other new members who are just beginning their weigh loss journeys too. Here's the link for all the information you will need to find your way around the forum:


Write a brief note to introduce yourself to other newbies and I'm sure you'll be making friends, in no time.

Good luck with your first week.


Hi and welcome!! We will be here for you.


Hi welcome 👋👋

I have a massive sweet tooth🙈🙈

I'm trying to replace it with fruit 😒 but I have come across some apples that are sweet (not to much for my sensitive teeth) and hit the spot if I have 2 🙈


Hi Skinny2 i used to eat chocolate sweets cake and biscuits all the time gradually over the last 18 months it has reduced and 6 wks ago I started calorie counting. I found that if I ate a more expensive brand of chocolate I soon felt the more ordinary bars were too sweet and I didn't want them so I stuck to buying expensive stuff and stopped buying sweets and cheaper chocolate so I could have my more expensive fix. Gradually I have found the craving for a daily fix reduce and over the last 6 wks have had 2 v small amounts of the very dark stuff and although it doesn't give me the hit that I used to get it is enough and I'm content with it. Biscuits have virtually dropped off the radar too I do have a couple of plain ones if I feel nauseous but I count them into my daily calories so I don't feel that's too bad it's just realising that you have to keep in your calorie range so I write everything down. I still haven't got into the planning of my meals daily but I am cooking from fresh now. Sometimes it's so hard to get your head in the right place but I'm sure you can if you want to lose those extra pounds - good luck 😁


Welcome to the start of the rest of your life, however daunting it may seem you’ll do great!

Fruit is a great natural sugar, maybe replace your snacks with fruit and plenty of water! It’s helped me loads!

I’m more of a savoury person and struggle with that still on occasion but I’m getting there slowly but surely!

Good luck! :D


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