Hi All!

I have been lurking for a long time and thought it is now time to speak!

My weight has gone up and down over the years. About 20 years ago I got down to a perfect weight but then it crept up again over time to by the far the heaviest I had ever been - a BMI of 33.5. Often I would try to diet and exercise but it would only ever last a couple of days. Then, about a year ago it suddenly clicked and I have no idea why - I was eating better and exercising regularly and the weight started to fall off. As I could see my weight falling that encouraged me to continue eating better and exercising regularly. Weeks turned into months and now, one year later, my BMI is down 25.9. Also, my blood pressure used to be at the top end of healthy but now it has fallen to perfectly healthy. The last few months have been a bit harder as I had to have a small operation (ironically probably caused by being overweight), and I put on a couple of kgs (need to learn from that), but the last 6 weeks I have been back on the regime and the weight is continuing to come off albeit a bit slower.

People have asked me what the magic solution has been and I say it's just the plain old eating less, exercising more. Simple. A solid breakfast, lunch, dinner with nothing extraneous. For lunch, at work, I'll have a sandwich or salad bowl and fruit or yoghurt, whereas before it would be sandwich, yoghurt, fruit, crisps plus a chocolate bar mid-afternoon. My target calories a day have been the bottom end of the recommended calories of the NHS calculator. If I want a snack in between meals it's fruit or nuts. Sometimes I'll eat something I shouldn't but the next day I'll just go back to the (new) normal eating habit. I don't try and make up for yesterday as I feel that is doomed to failure. Sometimes I'll have a takeaway, perhaps every other week - in the full knowledge it has blown that day's calories - but it'll be a nice treat and then the next day I'll be back to normal.

I'm hoping to reach a BMI of 25.0 - just about in the healthy range - by Christmas although it's going to be close. From there I'm not sure what my final target is going to be - probably the middle of the NHS calculator's "healthy weight" - but we'll see how it goes. I feel I've got the momentum now and hope, once I'm there, it'll be easier to motivate myself to stay within that healthy range. It's nice now to be taking 20 year old clothes and finding they have magically got bigger! :-)

Sorry, it's a bit long but maybe someone new to this might help find it motivational!



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9 Replies

  • Hi Nigel,

    It's lovely to finally hear from you and I'd love to be able to award you a weight loss badge, but you've not said how much weight you've lost :)

    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, as we can never get too much motivation and inspiration :)

    Many congratulations for your exceptional achievement and all the best for the final push :)

    If you'd find it helpful to you to join any, or all of our events, we'd love to see you there :)

    Onwards and downwards! :)

  • Thanks moreless!

    Oooh, I like badges. I've lost 25kg so far which is almost the weight of my 7 year old son, and I find him very heavy to lift! To think, I was carrying that weight around 24 hours a day not long ago.

  • WTG you! You must be feeling like a million dollars! :)

  • What a fabulous story Nigel6731 😊

    Thank you for sharing with us. And I agree completely, there is no ‘magic’ cure, just sensible eating and sticking with it 😊

    Good luck with the remaining part of your journey, I feel sure you will be successful


  • Thanks Anna!

    This site has helped with motivation too, reading about other people doing the same thing. Then there will be the motivation for maintaining. :-)

  • Nigel6731, I have just read your story and feel very moved by it. Very well done indeed. All the best for the final push until the festive season (too early to mention that word!) :)

    I have just seen you have your amazing badge, too :)

  • Hey Nigel, thanks for sharing your inspirational story what a great effort. Just the thing we need to read to help keep us going. Wishing you the best for your goal by Christmas. Again well done and thanks:)

  • Nigel that is great news on the weight lose. You are doing all the right stuff. I myself need to take your lead. I am up on the higher end of BMI. Take moreless advice and join the events to help you lose more weight by Christmas. Please keep us posted. I would love to know how your getting on. Have a great journey Nigel!!!!

  • Well done Nigel6731 - what a great story!

    Maintenance is quite hard work (I've found) and I am still logging my food each and every day (as far as possible!)

    I still enjoy finding and trying out new healthy recipes - my fridge is full of vegetables!

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