Why ??

Good morning Im so cross with myself I was doing so well so why did I eat not 1 not 2 but a whole packet!! of wafer biscuits last evening I suppose looking back I was (still am) stressed as my dog is very ill but that is not an excuse for my greediness I know ! I came home from vets sat down with a coffee and went into my Xmas supply of biscuits I hate myself today I want to eat nothing all day but I know I wont I want to get on the scales to see the damage but I wont Im in a state of fedupwomanship(if there is such a word) Sorry to moan on but its nice knowing theres someone out there ! I hope you have a better day than me


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10 Replies

  • We all do it and I suspect I'll do it again.

    Really sorry to hear about your dog and I hope he/she gets better. Don't beat yourself up though and please don't try and massively overcompensate because your body is most likely only going to rebel against starvation and lead to you making poor decisions.

    Try jumping onto today's DD and making yourself plan out your menu. It will probably help you focus in a positive way.

    Btw.. nothing wrong with a good moan. I've had my fair share here and the lovely people here will only want you to feel better.

  • Awww Milliemay, sending you big hugs! You're sad enough as it is, without beating yourself up over a few biscuits! It's over and done with and you're still the lovely, caring person you were before wafergate, so put this behind you and move forward :)

    I bet your beautiful doggy still thinks you're the best thing since Bonios ;) xx

  • Don't hate yourself Milliemay1 you are just human and concerned about your dog.

    Draw a line under it and move on. No amount of you being cross with yourself will make the eating of the biscuits undone.

    Take care

  • This is what I love about this community Thank you for understanding and supporting me Ive got my meal plan for the day and will keep at 1000 cals for the next 2 days I know from experience I can do this and it works Happily my dog Toffee is a little better today and shes eating and drinking so fingers crossed Thank you again

  • 1000 seems a bit low is it part of your diet plan or is it because of ‘wafergate’(I like that word @moreless- does the @ work when using a phone?)

  • Hello RG07 I try to stick to under 1000 cals for a day or two if I exceed my normal 1500 cals per day I find it gives me a boost and shows on the scales - no gain no pain if Im having bad week

  • Hoping Toffee makes a full recovery. 🤞

  • Thank you Trimmerteacher Toffee is so much brighter today thank goodness Home with me starting to eat again and drink enough to prevent her going back to vets to be put back on drip for dehydration (which is traumatic for both of us)

  • Hi there!! Don't think about the wafer biscuits anymore. That is in the past and not look behind you but forward. Make your next meal a healthy one and start from there. I am sorry about your dog and hope he gets better. Next time you get upset about your dog instead of wafers just go for a 10 minute walk in the fresh air to clear your head.

  • We've all been there Milliemay1!

    Please don't let this derail your healthy eating focus, just start afresh tomorrow.

    Hope your dog is getting better also.

    Take care and don't be too hard on yourself. x

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