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inactive for 3 days in a row

 inactive for 3 days in a row

So after my little injury I have taken my power walks off the table for the past 3 days but have been in the garden today burning and processing trees and all sorts.

Today I didn't have breakfast because I didn't wake up early enough but had a very small lunch

My calorie intake this morning has been very small but I am having pie and mash for dinner in a minute which isn't too bad.

I have picked some apples from next door neighbours garden which I can munch on tonight.

Overall I was expecting my weight loss on Sunday to be a lot but I expect it to be only 1kg now which is still on target but who knows hopefully it's more from the cut backs I have made.

Exercise does help a lot and I know it so a cycle ride is in order after tomorrow weigh in 👍

Otherwise my cloths are staying to be a bit baggy which is really nice feeling too.

Good night everyone and look forward too likes comment and of course support.

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Sounds like you have had a good busy day in the garden which will certainly burn off a few calories.

Try not to skip meals if you can as it will only make you more hungry and you will end up over eating on the wrong things. It's good that you were able to get some nice Apples off your neighbour tree.

Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. :)

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Thank you yellowrose55 I totally agree that missing meals make u hungry

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