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What works for you?

Good morning everyone. Just curious of what diets/eating plans you all follow as I'm aware not everyone is following the NHS calorie control.

I'm thinking of joining Slimming World as a friend has lost a huge amount but I don't eat red meat and see it's 'eat as much pasta and rice as you want' how can this work? Anyone followed this plan before who can offer advice or an opinion.

Thanks for reading x

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I've only followed the NHS 12 week plan so can't help you with other ideas though there are lots of good plans here.

The general consensus is that weight lost is more likely to be maintained if the loss was achieved gradually. If your friend doesn't fall into that category, it doesn't mean that they're going to put the weight back on (and maybe more) but it does make them more likely to.

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Whatever plan you decide to follow, as long as you enjoy it and it works for you and it keeps you healthy.. it has to be good.


I'm not a big fan of weight loss clubs. I've tried them all and although I did lose weight to begin with, I always put it all back on and more.

I'm sure it's all about re-educating ourselves as to what is healthy with regards to carbs and proteins and of course portion control rather than eating as much as you like as some of these clubs advocate. How can that be healthy?

Calorie counting, cutting the starchy carbs and eating more protein is working for me and I feel It's sustainable long term now. Being accountable by posting my menus on the DD and weekly weigh-ins is certainly working for me. Plus the support you get from this forum is amazing.

Good luck with whatever path you decide to take.

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