Tiredness can kill!

Tiredness can kill!

Well today didn't start too well imo I ended up having my cereal in the morning and when I got to my active job I had 2 chocolate digestive biscuits but gave the rest of the packet away!

Lucky I did go for a walk last night and will be tonight even tho I feel worn out at the moment!

I am really hoping my weighing on Sunday will give me some good results (110kg last weigh in) but on a good note I am starting to feel better and on a lighter note my backside doesn't show when I am on my bike to work anymore 😂 I guess I have too think of the positives.

The only snacks I am trying to eat are apples/fruit which seem too feel me up if I do have cravings.

My lunch today was Nutella sandwiches and 2 satsumas bad you many think but I am finishing off the pot over a long period of time.

Dinner was 4 sausages and 3 medium size potatoes cooked in the oven with some carrots. (I think I need the carbs)

Otherwise I haven't started calorie counting as of yet because of the effort so I will try after seeing the results at the end of the month!

On a side note I am happy and alcohol free for well over a month.

Wish me luck tomorrow as I have 30 mile round trip cycle todo!

Well support and comments have a great evening everyone!


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18 Replies

  • Loads of positives SilverSpeed, wishing you all the best for Sunday.

    I know what you mean about cal counting being an effort but then again a 30 mile cycle trip sounds like a fair bit of effort as well :)

    Here's only a rough guess but I'd say your sausages and potatoes probably came in at around 600-900 cals. Nothing wrong with that, when it fits in with the rest of your day.

    Kudos to the not drinking.

  • Thanks mate for the support and very much welcomed perspective! I think too be safe it probably was 1k cals and lunch and breakfast make it 2k so I am in the range I need too be too loose weight

  • :) Methinks there's a teeny weeny bit of cal knowledge going on there somewhere :)

    Nice one... and with 30 mile bike rides thrown in for good measure, you're definitely going to do well.

  • well i used to by in the forces and do a lot of sports and have been 73kg before and would like to get back too that with in a reasonable time frame

  • Sounds to me like it is all going very well. Don't skimp too much on the calories (that you aren't counting) because you will get better results over a longer period with something to can stick to.

    Be very proud of giving your biscuits away - well done you!

  • thank you so much for the support i fully understand this is more of a life changing habit that is needed rather that hardcore hit the gym for 2 weeks and its ok sort of thing. i guess the small changes can add up too big things. fingers crossed i can stick with it. i ll just have to use my army discipline to stick with it.

  • You can so stick with it SilverSpeed you have already proved that and you are already noticing the differences - brilliant! Roll on the weigh-in!

  • i just had imagine of myself at a weigh-in at a boxing match lol evidently i am fighting my fat of course. yes bring it on :P

  • Great image - stick with it!

  • Well done. Good luck with your bike ride

  • Hi and welcome, MaxJen78 :)

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    Wishing you all the best :)

  • thanks maxjen78

  • Two biscuits is no biggie and you gave the packet away which is great!

    Love it that your arse cleavage is no longer on show 😂

    Sounds like you are doing a lot of activity so I need to get my finger out to keep up! Xxx

  • Yea I know right I am keeping too a tight diet of food/cals so I am really hope it pays off in the long run. I do find myself hungry some times but I think that's the mess I take that do that. P.S I hope you enjoyed your curry xxx

  • Good luck!

    You may not need as many carbs as you think. Body fat, stored as triglycerides, are three fatty acids bound by a carbohydrate backbone. For cycling, the fact you can sustain it for hours means that much of the effort will be aerobic, meaning oxygen is available to use fat for fuel. As fat stores are broken down, the carbohydrate backbone is also liberated for use.

    Tiredness can come from doing too much without allowing sufficient time for recovery and/or high insulin levels.

  • Holy smokes that was informative and very helpful concerned... I did not know that. I guess I won't have too load up on carbs after all. Thank you for that comment. Plus I agree the low insulin level is what's making me tired 😴 thank you.

  • I meant high insulin levels, leading to low blood glucose.

  • O right I am not very clued up on the whole insulin levels and glucose really. I just know I need to do exercise to burn fat that's about it really

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