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Daily Diary Monday 2nd October

Daily Diary Monday 2nd October

Hello everyone!

Having a very chilled Sunday for once!

If you are joining us for the first time, a big welcome to you.

This is where we post our meal plan for the following day with if possible our calorie count for each meal and the total calorie range for the day.

I find it a great source of inspiration for myself.

Please can I ask you all to comment on at least one other persons post.

My picture is going to be my motto from now on. Hope you will use it too!

My menu tomorrow:

Breakfast - Greek yogurt, berry seeds, raspberries & honey 307

Lunch - large mixed salad, berry seeds, hard boiled eggs, olive oil, mature cheddar, coleslaw & ham 821

Dinner - Slow cooked gammon (cooking as I speak in fresh apple juice, honey, mustard & brown sugar) French beans & creamed sweet potatoes 522

Total 1650 Range 1691-2174

Will decide on some snacks soon as my aim is to consume about 1850 cals

Exercise - Spin class & approximately 11000 steps while working

Looking forward to seeing all your menus!

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Thanks for hosting Monday's DD dazzle.

Your menu for tomorrow sounds very tasty. Slow cooked Gammon is yummy, enjoy. :)

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No problem YellowRose55

Thank you

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Good afternoon,

Planning for tomorrow as follows.

Breakfast, blueberry wheats with skimmed milk, two cups of coffee totals 251 calories

Lunch, at work white roll, salad leaves three or four, couple of cherry tomotoes and wafer slice of turkey totals 221 calories

Dinner, ready meal chicken alexandra with portion of carrots, broccoli and corn on the cob totals 638 calories

Snacks, banana, cereal bar and light and free yoghurt totals 235 calories.

Planning to swim for 35 minutes and clean my dad house in the evening.

Total calories 1,345 calaries

Wishing everyone a good week x


That's a lovely menu for the calories, Honey10 and lots of veg - I looked up chicken alexandra and it looks delicious and definitely something one might prefer someone else to cook! Enjoy your day and good luck withe plan.


Your chicken Alexandra sounds interesting Honey10 Sometimes it's a nice thought that you haven't got to cook when you get in from work!

Enjoy your swim!

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Your menu sounds tasty Honey10 I had to look up what the 'alexander' is but that sounds yummy as well.

Good luck with the cleaning.

Thanks not looking forward to cleaning, my Dad does so much for me it the least i can do.

Looking forward to my swim, hopefully been in by 7am.

Enjoy your day x

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That's really nice. My dad's the same.

When I swim, like you I like to go early. Our pool opens at 6:30 a.m. (no kids until 8) so I can get some lengths in and still get to work for 8(ish).

Enjoy your day too.

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What calorie range are you aiming for Honey? 1345 seems a little low.

Good evening dazzle, thanks for hosting. I'm intrigued by berry seeds, I haven't heard of them as something you can buy. Your dinner sounds *delicious*.

I'm taking the kids to Kew Gardens tomorrow, which means a relatively early start, plus I have a late shift at work in the evening. Busy busy!

B - skyr, toast with butter and vegemite, 335

L - egg mayonnaise and cucumber sandwich, Frazzles (my occasional guilty pleasure!), an apple, a slice of the banana loaf I made this afternoon, 845

D - baked sweet potato with tuna and cheese, salad, 375

I'll have a bite to eat when I get back from work, I have around 200-300 for this.


Sounds lovely diamondblock. I read the skyr and toast as one thing and was trying to imagine how that might work, when I realised that I've got the weekend brain in and clearly you'll eat them separately!!!

Baked sweet potato with tuna and cheese - so many lovely lovely things in one go for so few calories!


Mm, skyr on toast! :-D

The sweet potato/tuna/cheese is one of my favourite pre-work dinners. It really keeps me going.


I can't remember where I bought the berry seeds diamondblock but, I will check tomorrow as I keep them at work. They are really tasty with the yogurt.

Your menu looks really good!

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Hi diamondblock your day sounds exciting and your lunch delicious, it's great that you've planned out everything so well, good luck with it!

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Tasty menu throughout.

I keep forgetting to bake sweet potatoes instead of ordinary ones. Great idea.

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Evening all and thanks to Dazzle for hosting, loving the sound of that gammon. I used to do mine in pear cider, sooo yummy, but the kids object now!

Almost stuck to plan today, just the odd extra mouthful when cleaning away children's plates and baking cookies with them. Caught and stopped myself a few times, so good habits coming back.

Tomorrow, busy day, working at home, doing the school runs as hubby away, and weekly food shop.

B - super smoothie, with banana, avocado, mango, pineapple and cashew nuts. 300 cals

L - Bacon roll with a salad - 400 cals

Afternoon snack - pea snacks - 100 cals

D - duck in plum sauce with chunky veg - don't get excited, I'm not cooking it, this is a ready meal I picked up cheap and is perfect for my crazy Monday nights! 400 cals. Children have hot meals at school on a Monday, so nice to have something of my own choosing!

Total 1200 cals. May add a kiwi and apple.


Love the sound of your smoothie Salcheq

May give that go on Tuesday.

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It is my favourite by a long way, so smooth and creamy.

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Smoothie sounds fab Salcheq

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Great looking day dazzle . We have matching breakfasts!

Feeling a bit pants tonight so hopefully will shake off this dull mood overnight.

Tomorrow's plan:

B. Greek yogurt with berries and seeds

L. Leftover burger and salad

D. Fish curry with rice

Snack. Apple.

1400 at the moment which is a little low. I'll see how the day goes and will try and add a few more. Maybe a larger portion of dinner

Exercise. Weights and yoga class

Have a great week everyone!


Hope you are ok Active_43

I've only just started eating Greek yogurt and I love it.

Hoping tomorrow is a better day for you!

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Hi Active_43 I'm liking the idea of fish curry, perhaps later in the week for me. I do hope the pantsness eases with a good nights sleep, and you enjoy your busy day tomorrow.


Hi All, and thanks for hosting dazzle it’s a great poster and really important to keep in mind. I love your gammon idea, I hadn't thought of doing it in the slow cooker.

My weekend’s been OK calorie wise, but no proper exercise because I’m still coughing and snuffling. I’ve done a lot of sleeping!

Monday I’m on my second day of 5 - 2 fasting days of 800 - 900 cals, I’ll have an apple if things get a bit desperate and rye toast and pb if I can’t cope.

B: coconut milk with milled linseed and pumpkin seed and raspberries 210

L: egg, spinach, mushroom scrambled in olive oil 280

D: Salmon, roasted veg aubergine, pepper, courgette 360


Ex: Hopefully I'll do a couple of 30 minute walks tomorrow


Hi wysemonkey

I hope you feel better soon. Your menu looks amazing those calories!

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Lovely for so few calories


Lots of people including my OH are getting those kind of symptoms. I hope you get better soon.

I like the sound of your breakfast... fan of coconut milk and everything else.

What's 'pb'?

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peanut butter - sorry to be obscure! thanks for your kind words, I'm getting better but frustratingly slowly. hope OH is not suffering too much.

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Love that you have had a chilled day dazzle. your poster is a real truism.

Fab food all day, really could eat everything that you will be lucky enough to be eating.

Bit of a stressy day for me, and even tried not to write my DD so I could try and chill a bit - just made me worse as it is such an ingrained habit now. I will be very glad I have done it tomorrow.

Brunch: 140g crisps lamb loin; 200g mixed mushrooms; avocado; 28g butter; 30mls double cream. 908 cals

Dinner: Lamb mince moussaka; 100g tender stem broccoli. 661 cals

25g macademia nuts whilst driving.

Should be having a sandwich buffet lunch tomorrow but will leave as soon as the meeting has finished and drive back. I really wouldn't want to eat sandwiches/pastries and cakes any more.

Hope every one has a good day.


Thank you Ceals

I like your menu too. Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

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I think you're so right about doing the DD Ceals. I don't do it all the time and guess where most of my 'fail' days are :(

Really tasty menu. Is 'crisps lamb' something or a typo. I can't remember the last time I had moussaka mmmM.

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Should have said crispy lamb. Basically a slow cooked fillet broken up (not quite shredded) and fried in coconut oil. I do it with lots of things and it is lovely.

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Wow, that sounds great *shakes head in wonder* Always something new and exciting to be discovered.

Thank you.

It really perks up any pre cooked meat and I usually do batches in the sous vide (have to make the meat very tender for m husband) then I crisp it up to make it really tasty.

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Hi Ceals I hope today is less stressy. Lamb sounds lovely! I hope meeting goes well also.

Thanks, really hoping for a better day.

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Hi Dazzle. Thank you for hosting. Lovely menu especially the slow roasted gammon.

I’ve had a busy but enjoyable Sunday with all the family round for a roast dinner. As usual I made far too much so will be having the same again tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll have:

B - smoked salmon, spinach, avocado and two scrambled eggs. 230 Cals

L-Humous with cucumber and carrot sticks 215 Cals

D- Left over roast lamb with carrot and turnips, mushy peas, parsnips, cauliflower and boiled potatoes ( no roasties left) and gravy 650 Cals

Total of 1,291 Cals from a range of between 1,250 - 1,607

Exercise will be walk in the park (literally)

Having an early night tonight after a busy day and not getting a lot of sleep last night as my grandchildren stayed over and the 16 month old had us up a lot during the night. I’ll look at all your menus tomorrow.

Have a good Monday everyone.


Hi Morgancando

Love the sound of your breakfast in particular. Pleased you had a lovely 'family' Sunday!

Great menu, very yummy.

I love hummus and now make my own, I just haven't been able to make the leap to raw vegetables (yet... maybe one day).

Have a good day too!

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hi margancando, I like the sound of your breakfast. Hope you have a good day and catch up on your sleep

HI Morgancando hope you caught up on your sleep! Your breakfast and lunch are good ideas for my fast days, thanks!

Thanks dazzle for hosting today's DD. A very pertinent message.

B: 25g porridge with milk, fruit and cinnamon.

L: 40g cheese & beetroot salad

S: Timpana and swiss chard curry

Drinks: Chai Latte (my new wake up drink. It has 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar, so I've dropped the honey from my porridge), usual plethora of strong coffees, diet tonic & angostura and water.

Snacks: Apples, satsumas


Great menu Tiggerr

Good idea with the Chai.

Hi Tiggerr I just looked up timpana, looks tasty - do you make your own? I thought it might be good cold as a packed lunch thing. Good to sub the sugar for the honey as well, I'm not a religious no sugar person but I do think the more you eat the more you want. Have a good day!


I do make my own. I made 3 large casserole dishes of it a few weeks back and froze it all down in portions and 'yes' it's good cold. Our parents used to bring it along for all day trips to the beach in Malta.



brilliant! I can just imagine you all on the beach in the sun!

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All sounds lovely Tiggerr. Never thought of using chard in a curry.


I'm not the greatest fan of all veg in it's fine natural state so I've got into currying quite a few of them. I'm finding so many fantastic and different flavours. This is what I'm trying later... food52.com/recipes/21940-in...

Can't see why it won't be pretty tasty.

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hi dazzle and thanks for hosting. Today I am having

B- 2 egg omelette with feta cheese 400

L- lentil and veg soup 200

D - chilli with sweet potato mash 300

snacks - apple, peanuts, 350

scone with jam and cream 400

target of 1700 so that should be about right. Hope everyone has a good day


Sounds lovely Rutheliza. Love feta in an omelette.

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O how nice! Love a scone with jam and cream, lovely!

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Good morning and many thanks for hosting, dazzle.

I got back very late on Saturday from my short break in France and am still getting to grips with everything so my menu for today is a bit random. We flew with that no frills Irish airline so feel sorry for those who may be stuck somewhere by the one beginning with M ;)

Breakfast - porridge with mashed banana, linseed seeds and two coffees

Lunch - Tuna and mixed salad (still growing like mad in the garden) followed by yoghurt and runny honey

Supper - Baked salmon, jazzed up white rice (leftovers from freezer), broccoli and if I get organised..... apple crumble with custard

Snacks - pear and possibly an apple

Plenty of water.....found this a difficult one on holiday

Am planning on a brisk walk into town (to also post my first Christmas card to New Zealand by surface mail!) and get some fresh veggies from the market plus odds and sods.

Have a good day everyone ......


Well done for getting back on it straight away. Good that you got back safely. So sad for all those who were expecting to go on holiday with the other airline.

Your salmon sounds lovely.


Very sad indeed for the others, I agree


Love the poster dazzle and so very true!

Breakfast - gluten free oatmeal w/coconut milk and coffee 265 calories

Lunch - ham and spinach sandwich w/tossed salad 337 calories

Dinner - chicken sausages , steamed vegetables w/potatoes 350 calories

Snacks- fresh fruit salad, flap jack, popcorn 498 calories

Could use a bit more calories I'll think of a nice healthy snack to end the night.


Had a good quiet weekend. The days go very quick, another week is among us again. Good luck every one on the forum hope your day goes well.

Breadfast 1 croissant with a little butter and jam and a banana with coffee. 350 calories

Lunch mixed salad cheese boiled egg. Apple and easy peeler orange x2. 350 calories

Dinner spaghetti carbonara small portion. 600calories.

Rich tea biscuit x2 with coffee inthe afternoon. Skimmed milk with coffee x5. 200calories. 1500 calories.

A stroll around local shop to get milk and fruit for today.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is eating today.


Oh so badly need to keep a grip on the reins this week.

Another very indulgent weekend. Cant seem to get the balance right at all.

Will regroup and try to fix this.

Aside from that, I am trying not to panic and give up.

I am hoping I will get my head straight again and feel steady and motivated. At the min it comes and goes.

AIM 1000 - 1200

BREAKFAST - yoghurt, granola, dried fruit. coffee with rice milk (300)

LUNCH - Salmon cous cous, simple salad (300)

DINNER - Quorn burger chopped up, with grated feta, tomato salad and sweet potato cubes, in lettuce "buns". (400)

POSSIBLE SNACK - Rice cakes x 2 spread with tomato puree, a finely chopped tapenade of olives and capers (100 - 150)

No idea if exercise will feature. Feel lazy and demotivated. No tips to offer, except to stay on the forum when you feel off your game, it might help!


I can sense that you're really struggling Bee and wonder whether having such a tight hold on the reins through the week, doesn't actually encourage you to splurge at the weekend?

What is it that you're doing at the weekend, that's making things fall apart?

Can you plan to change the record? No special meals, no alcohol and all socialising to be done outdoor, or at a sporty setting?

Just going for a walk, for the sake of it and taking time to look at what's going on around you, taking some pictures, chatting to a friend/loved one, rather than looking on it as exercise.

Do something wacky! Go belly dancing, ice skating, tubing. Just for fun, but away from food and alcohol.

Join Fizzylizzy13 for Stoptober.

Just try anything to get you out of the post holiday doldrums :)


Oh I do so agree with your advice, and thank you for it! It's a little trickier than it seems to keep the socialising limited to healthy fun things, which I actually would love even just a for a few weeks.. But I'm booked in for months ahead (extremely popular and in demand haha) for weekends that, at best, rock the resolve and at worst explode all good habits.

E.g. of upcoming weekends - wedding this weekend, birthday weekend for pal at the beach including a lavish meal out and a cocktail party, a wine and pizza night with my old pal, a weekend in Scotland with my sister which may involve a trip a "bottomless prosecco brunch", my own bday weekend with 2 nights out and a dinner out, A food tour, another tapas dinner party at our friends' new place.

Yes I can really fight and resist the things that are offered on my weekends but that's turning out to be much harder than being very strict on weekdays. My social life is pretty busy and it usually revolves around booze and dining out...And therein lies the issue!


In the end Beee, it comes down to what's most important to you and I'm sure your friends would rather you were happy and healthy, than miserable between knees ups :)


Oh for absolute certain! It's just not the easiest lifestyle to get balance in. My health is the priority, truly, but my friends and social life is also a priority.. and i want to have fun and eat drink and be merry. It's not necessarily that I'm pressured. But yes it makes things really really hard during the week and doesn't feel balanced the way I'd like. Good food for thought thank you moreless 😘


I wish could convince you that it is possible to have a great time, without alcohol and without going OTT with the food, but you're much younger than me and, unfortunately, we can never learn by other people's mistakes, only our own and I should know, because I've made millions of them! :D


Haha! I'm not being stubborn, I promise! I will strive for better balance. I know it's better for me overall.


You've lost 2 stone, hun, so you've proved that you can do it. You just have the after hols blues :)


Yep I guess so! Thank you for your advice, I put a lot of stock in your advice :-)


Bless you, I just hope I've sown a seed, that will help :)


Thank you for hosting, dazzle and thanks for sharing, everyone :)

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