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Busiest Week of the Year

In my line of work with students returning back to school; it is the busiest time of year.

I graduated 3 months ago so working on the other side now gives me greater appreciation for everyone who works in teaching and higher education.

I haven't weighed in today because I am on my cycle! But I will be heading over to the gym today after work.

I managed to work out 3 days last week which is my goal for the next month! Even though I am extremely tired, I tell myself that I don't have to push too hard. Even if I don't go as hard I am used to, being consistent is what is important.

Diet has been going swell! I haven't eaten out in almost 2 weeks, and my diet has been predominantly plant based. I will indulge this weekend so I don't binge later down the line.

Have a happy and healthy week!

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Dear Mary Funkie

Well done on keeping up the exercise. My daughter is a primary school teacher and I used to lecture so I know how hard and time consuming your work is

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Well done Mary, you're doing well! :)

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Wishing you every success in your chosen career. I retired 17 years ago after teaching English for 40 years. You've chosen a tough but rewarding profession and you may well find that your greatest satisfaction at times comes not from the brightest pupils but from the little victories of the less able. One thing I can assure you of. You will NEVER be bored!!!🤗

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