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Fat/Muscle %

Hello all.. been a while since I posted but I started gym 2 months ago and for the first month I went almost everyday and I've only been 3 times this month! I need to get motivated again, I would really like to find out my body fat/muscle percentage because I've seen slight progress, can anyone recommend any accurate ways of finding it out? I found that the online results were extremely poor and false, much appreciated, jack! 😊 x

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If you're wanting to be really accurate, Jack, then you'd need to pay for a body scan.

If this is beyond your pocket, then some scales offer a body fat percentage, although I don't know how accurate that is, but I would assume the snazzy varieties in chemists and gyms would be be better than the bathroom variety.

Other than that, there are fat calipers, that can be used, or you could just use a tape measure and your eyes. It really all depends how far you want to take it :)


My GP has a good scale. It's behind a screen in reception. It measures fat, heart rate and weight. It also has a height measure so you get a BMI reading.

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Hi Jack the best way in my opinion is to use a measuring tape and a full length mirror. Old school but effective.

Good Luck


Thank you, but.. How would I know the results?


Find a gym that has a Boditrak machine- it's not going to be as accurate as the industrial ones that cost a fortune but it does give you loads of information about your fat/ muscle ratio , where it is and all sorts of other information which is fascinating . 😊

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