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Lunches for work

Hi everyone, I am new to this and have just started eating a bit healthier. Im quite a fussy eater so I won't be having salads for lunch at all. I do not like salad i.e. lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber etc but I like vegetables like broccoli carrots peas etc. Recently for my lunch at work I have been having chicken, rice and frozen mixed veg but it is so bland so I have been having that siracha chilli sauce on it, does this make it unhealthy? can anyone give an alternative? I also have salmon and pasta with veg. Then some days I will swap out so I don't have any carbs and just have veg with the meat/fish...

For breakfast I will have toast and tin peaches, is this ok?

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Hi ashortland and welcome to the weight loss forum.

Be careful with the ready made sauces as some can have a lot of sugar in them and high with calories. Take a look at our Daily Diary in Events and you will get some good ideas for meals there. :)

You are invited to join our Newbie Club, where you can meet other new members who are just beginning their weigh loss journeys too. Here's the link for all the information you will need to find your way around the forum:


Write a brief note to introduce yourself to other newbies and I'm sure you'll be making friends, in no time.

Good luck with your first week.

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Hi I batched cook food divide them into 4 and freeze them and reheat at work. I have spaghetti bolognaise (add the spaghetti after I have defrosted the bolognaise), chilli con carne (add rice later) I use quorn or soya since I don't eat meat. I also make a curry sauce in advance. Roast vegetable and couscous is also good.

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Hi, For breakfast why not try porridge for a change. It should help keep you fuller longer. I even eat it cold; just add col milk and wait a minute for it to mush up a bit! For lunches there are many ideas on the daily meal thread. I'm also a fussy eater, I hate raw tomatoes so will always avoid them, but surprisingly I do like gazpacho and fresh salsa dip. I recently tried an I iceberg salad with feta and watermelon and it was really good! Maybe just try new things sometimes? I think dried spice don't add many calories so why not try some curry spice or chilli to your veg while cooking? Cheers, Sarah

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