This morning regime

This morning regime

I had my very first race in a single yesterday. The young girl whipped by me, but I didn't let it put me down. (I'm 56) I know I have more training ahead of me.

I was comfy this morning I didn't want to move. But dragged myself off the bed and in put my rowing gear. Washed up got changed and hopped on my bike to the rowing club.

I had too many cheats Friday and Saturday and needed this workout. All this going through my head cycling. I still feel tired but it's done ✅


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  • Well done you - and I bet you feel a sense of achievement too :)

  • Thank you cracker10. I was so thinking I'll start next weekend with the early mornings rowing. But my brain said get up you need this! lol I feel better now that I did this. Off to get a nice leafy chicken salad and juice. Maybe I'll have an early night 😊

  • Good for you ShadowDee, well done!!! :)

  • Thank you 😊

  • Impressive ShadowDee No hiding in a single. What do you normally do? Pairs? How far was your race?

    There's nothing wrong with being 56 😉 and so what that you were whooped by a younger fitter model. You were still on the water rather than the towpath or still in bed. 🙂

    Really looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. 🙂

  • I'm normally in a quad. The past 2 months I've been training in a single. I've been enjoying it as well, it's tougher on your own versus being in a quad.

    I have no idea what boat I'll be in until closer to the week of the race. Next race is Chester near the end of the month. It's 5 k race. I may ask to stick with the single, I going to train harder for sure.

    Also change to eating healthier, I'm always on the go and have that excuse of 'I'm working out I can get away with eating a takeaway'. That attitude needs knocking down. Definitely not doing me any good.

  • Are you on the Dee at Chester?

    You attend your training sessions so consistently that I am sure you will be ready.

  • Yes I'll be on the River Dee. My ln-laws love Chester they may watch this one. And my husband is off. I always feel better with a cheering section ❤️

    I'll work out harder. Maybe do the 30 minutes at a slow rate this week on the erg. And alternate to 5 x 3 minutes 18 -20 with 1.30 rest on the next.


  • My engagement ring was bought in Chester, so lovely associations there for me. 🙂

  • Aww bet it looks lovely. Chester is one of my favourite places.

    I may find out about Thames later. But I heard it's for the experienced rowers. I'm a novice right now.

  • Exciting.

  • What a brilliant achievement :) and all your own work in a single ;)

    Good luck in the Chester race


  • Thanks Debs2510 . I think that's why I like the single. It's hard hard work on your own and no one to blame but yourself. I'm getting to know some really helpful people when my coach isn't around.

  • Sounds like you have a good support network there then. :)

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