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good afternoon all! :)

i have a question regarding the calorie intake. the bmi calculator says i should be having about 1500 or more but my fitbit is putting me on the 1200-300 if i wanna lose weight. i have been eating round 1300-1500 and triing to burn round 200 extra cals/day by exercising. everything is going nicely, i have been losing a proper amount of weight these two weeks but i wonder if i am taking in enough calories as i tend to get hungry sometimes. i am not aiming for some instant results (though i tend to get impatient :) ) so i worry that i started to restrictive.. thanks for your advice in advance :)



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6 Replies

  • Fitbit and my fitness pal, give you a calorie allowance, that then has to have exercise calories added to it.

    We always advise the NHS BMI calculator, because it's a simpler guide and doesn't leave you hungry. You'll still lose weight :)

  • If you are losing between 1-2 lbs a week then your calorie target is spot on. You may even lose a little faster at first. If you are losing more than this you would be able to eat slightly more. 😊 Remember food quality is important too, and I also eat my favourite foods but adjust the portion size.

    Good luck!

  • ok, as i am losing a normal amount of weight, then probably things are ok.. i should probably take a better look at what i am eating and choose more filling food.. i have a bad experience with starting to fiercely and losing my motivation along the way, so i'm trying to be more mindful this time around :)

  • That's exactly the right attitude tamara12 😊 Check out the Daily Diary if you need ideas for meals etc

  • if you are feeling hungry then look at the NHS BMI calculator to work out your recommended calories for weight loss and stick to that range

  • Don't let yourself go hungry. It's in times of hunger that most of us fall off the wagon and sometimes never get back on . 😕 Eat small meals a little and often if needs be, whatever it takes to not get too hungry! Personally I swear by eggs as a sustaining filler , when I was losing I ate them every day, also full fat greek yoghurt . Protein foods will satisfy you far longer than carbs.

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