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Snacking ideas please

Now I am back from my holiday & back into a routine I need to be aware of my snacking habits. strangely I found controlling my eating easier whilst on holiday as I was not rushing around or grabbing the first thing to hand and had time to 'think' about my choices.

Although I have only been back at work for a week I am already finding how easy it is to slide back into old habits . Things such as grabbing a biscuit to go with my tea or forgetting to bring lunch so having to grab something from the canteen but on a positive note at least I have recognised this & admitted it to myself.

I found these snacking packs in Lidl today and I am also going to make some fruit skewers. I would welcome your snacking ideas though , I am in lots of need for inspiration !

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Ooo a trip to Lidel for me - those look great to put in the fridge at work for when I forget (change for can't be bothered) to take my lunch :)

Will put my thinking cap on for other snack ideas - yep it's so easy to fall off if you don't plan and prepare :)


Take a look at the Topic called Recipes/Meals/Snacks, Sld72 :)

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Hi Sid

I don't snack at all and find that a better option, it seems to lessen the desire for unnecessary eating. It's not my idea but the Advice of Dr Michael Moseley in his Fast diet book and also his 8 week blood sugar diet book. Apparently leaving gaps between meals enables your body cells to renew themselves I have found it certainly reduces cravings . This has been proved in clinical trials. Why not give it a try and only eat your calorie count at meal times and sitting at a table. He suggests if you are desperate for a snack the best option is a few unsalted almonds walnuts or pistachios nuts

Best wishes


Well done on identifying your danger zones Sld72 thats half the battle. 😊


Looks yummy. I like grapes, almonds, baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, wheat triscuits, bell peppers and carrots.


Freeze grapes, put peanut butter in your celery sticks and cut into bite size pieces, yummy. 20g of almonds is filling.


Hi there, I do try not to snack and do not plan snacks into my calories. It isn't all bad news though, because I have larger meals to compensate. However, if that isn't going to work for you then some healthy snacks on hand are a good idea. Much better than reaching for chocolate or biscuits. At the start of my journey I did snack. Some of my favourites were:

A small pot of humous and some veg sticks

Nakd bars (I think aldi do their own brand for much less?)

Fruit and nut snack bags

Yoghurt and berries

I am sure that there are many more inventive ideas than the ones listed above!

Good luck with it. James


I eat yoghurt, eat natural bars, fruit depending on what spare calories I have


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