Super morbidly obese to shows

I really enjoy documentaries about super morbidly obese people and their weight loss journeys.

I'm currently watching a series called My 600lb life which is about people undergoing gastric surgery.

I really enjoy medical programmes & think that watching people that are this overweight makes me feel better about being overweight.

What I find the most worrying about the people on the show is that why didn't they try to do something people it gets that bad ?

My favourite show of this type is A year to save my life where they achieve amazing results with diet & exercise

Does anyone else watch similar programmes ?


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23 Replies

  • I generally like to watch these programmes but almost without exception they portray the overweight as living on junk and not moving off the couch, which is simply not accurate for most of us!!! 😡

    I've not seen this particular one so I'll watch it

  • It's on home & health channel- I do normally end up shouting at the tv

  • I do watch these programmes, occasionally, but find them a lot like The Biggest Loser. Drastic measures, for drastic results and no follow-up, so probably drastic rebounds!

    I wonder if anyone would be happy making a programme for no money, or glory, that went on ad infinitum, so that we could see the long term results?

  • Morning moreless , I think you are probably right about the back sliding. Occasionally they do re-visit the participants after a year.

    I don't suppose any tv companies would be willing to do a long term show .

  • I don't think so, Henderslh, as there's no money to be made out of it. Thank goodness for this forum, where the support will be free and for a lifetime :)

  • So very true 😀

  • That's because for long term success the changes have to be gradual and quite slow, no drama and therefore not deemed 'exciting' enough!!!

    I love seeing all the success stories on here, the before and after photos, they're so motivating, 😊

  • Couldn't agree more, Anna! :)

  • Exactly 😀

  • I watch those sometimes. Success stories with so much weight to begin with is really motivating.

    But, I have to agree with Anna61 here... All of their stories are specific and almost every time there's the traumatic experience or familly drama :( as the trigger to uncontroled stuffing with junk food. Sometimes, reactions of some of those people to restrictions are strange or even childish.

    I think most of us never experienced similar state of mind when you don't care about anything and just eat all the time, and I hope we never will. I really understand hunger and that this is very tough... But I really can't understand ordering pizza downuts and coke if your life is at stake :(

    Bottomline - somebody is making good money from somebody elses misery, and thats what I don't like about that show.

  • Hi maruska , you & Anna61 have made some very valid points . Maybe I should stick to A year to save my life where they lose weight the way we are trying to do .

  • Yes, I don't say there's nothing good about it. That doctor has a great psychological approach, and saving lives or those people is greatest worth of all. :)

    I think that diet aproach is very similar with what we're doing here...

  • I guess the people that have a gastric bypass & lose the weight as planned wouldn't make it on the show.

    I also think that it is good that the try to

    get the people to see counsellors & psychiatrists to resolve the underlying reasons for their issues.

  • I enjoyed the season of "a year to save my life" that was filmed in the uk with Jesse Pavelka, it was less "dramatic" than the series in America with a different coach and there were a couple of really positive outcomes, I remember a lovely lady conquering the walk up Snowdon, and a young man who went on to train to be a personal fitness trainer, I found that season quite inspiring, but don't enjoy biggest loser style shows for same reasons as Moreless.

  • Hi , I much preferred Jesse as a host & agree it have must more realistic. I did think that series was inspiring.

  • Yes. I've binge watched My 600lb Life and Fat Doctor, and have been watching old episodes of Supersize vs. Super Skinny. I'll check out A Year To Save My Life later on. These shows usually increase my temptations to get bariatric surgery. I've gained 1-2lbs this week, and I dont think I am capable of losing weight the old fashioned way.

    Like you, I do find comfort in knowing that there are others going through what I am.

  • I will try Fat Doctor . I'd rather not have surgery if I can do it eating better

  • Hi Henderslh, I have watched most of those programmes and often think that they are used to shock the viewers and judge the overweight individual, similar to what the ones about people living on benefits do. I don't think they look at the whole person and like you a few people have pointed out already the overweight person seems to spend their life binging on unhealthy foods like pizza and doughnuts. I often wonder how the ones confined to their beds get family and friends to buy them so much junk food. I know what my family would say if I had to get them to buy me junk food, but again I think that a lot of the people in these programmes do not have the education about food that we have had.

    If the story is a success, I can see how it can be quite motivating. A friend of mine had a gastric bypass a few years ago. People seem to think that it is the easy option to losing weight but if you look at some of the programmes about bariatric surgery some people do lose lots of weight just to gain it all again. It is possible over time to stretch what is left of the stomach and eat unhealthy foods and begin to put the weight back on.

    We are all very different and for me healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle is more emotional than physical. If my head is not in the "right place" nothing will keep me on my healthy eating.

  • I totally agree with you about having to be in the right place to be able to stick to a healthy life style.

    I do think that this forum is really good as everyone is very supportive.

  • I agree the support on this forum is what makes it a success and hopefully help us to succeed in achieving our goals

  • I've been telling people in work how good the forum is

  • Have read lots of facts about these diet / lifestyle programes on google with some shocking methods used for the shows and it seams many put the weight back on after. think although maybe motivating to some but check the google facts out before comparing your own healthy get some excercise in and work towards your own goals.not believe all you see on the tv

  • If I'm honest one of the main reasons I watch the shows is to make me keep on going with my own journey as I don't want to end up like these people.

    My plan is to lose slowly & steadily & then keep it off.

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