Well I had a good day yesterday even went to the gym then went and blew it yesterday evening by eating 3 slices of well buttered toast and a load of jelly beans I don't even like jelly beans they made me feel sick eating so many. Back on it today although still feeling pretty grotty from what I think all the jelly beans That will teach me a lesson. x x-:)


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5 Replies

  • Well done for moving on.. Shame about the jelly beans!!

  • You are doing absolutely the right thing, draw a line under it and move forward 😀 Interesting that you feel sick after all the sugar, funny how we get used to not having it in our diet isn't it?

  • I know what you mean, I find eating the amount of junk I did before (with no problems) now makes me feel awful. Which I suppose is a good thing, just not when you've gone and eaten a load of it!

    Hope you feel better soon and glad you've managed to move on from there. :)

  • Just wanted to support everyone's thoughts.. It's in the past, can't change it now so just leave it in the past and enjoy the feeling of being back in the groove today.... And now you know that jelly bean feasting is in the past too! Every day we learn something is a good day. 🌸.

  • I certainly have learnt my lesson as far as jelly beans go lol -:) Don't think I will ever touch another -:) x x

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