A hungry day

Started my weight loss journey on Monday and the first two days were so easy compared to today! I've been really struggling with hunger all day. I have been good and managed not to snack but I ended up having my dinner at 4.30 and now I'm thinking about food again. Does anyone else have days like this and do you have tips how to get through them? Only have a couple of hours left until bedtime but I keep thinking about the chocolate in the cupboard!

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  • Get rid of that chocolate in the cupboard :)

    I suggest you look at the daily diary threads as it will show you what others are eating and not being hungry - and also give you loads of ideas :)

    I would also suggest that you do the NHS BMI which calculates the amount of calories you should be eating - please aim for the middle to high end to start with and you will lose weight and not feel hungry - I aimed for the lower range to start and struggled, am now aiming for mid to high end range and actually losing

    Check my diary for today - I am totally stuffed :)

    Wishing you all the best on your journey :)

  • I would get rid of the chocolate but I buy it for my boyfriend to put in his packed lunch for work. I just need to build up my willpower but it's day 4 and not had any chocolate yet. 💪🏻

    I will have a look at how many calories to aim for because I just estimate my calories and try and aim for 1200. I think I need to rethink how I add up my calories and use them. It was horrible feeling hungry last night. Thank you for replying.

  • 1200 calories is not much, unless you are very short and don't really excercise. I'd be really hungry on that and I'm only 4 ft 10 and losing (Albeit slowly) on 1500 with dog walking and a bit of extra exercise. You might find it more sustainable longer term to eat a bit more and lose more slowly? Also experiment with what makes you satisfied for longer and base what you eat around that, it's different for different people, some are more satisfied with protein, some with fat, some with complex (fibre rich) carbs, or a combination. Could your boyfriend buy his own chocolate when he's out rather than you packing it for him? It's a terrible temptation! Or have your own versions of chocolate that help you stick to your plan, I have chocolate soya yoghurts 118 cals ( they do have some sugar but the soya protein keeps me full for ages) or a big mug of real cocoa 150 cals ( just cocoa powder and semi skimmed milk) good luck 😀

  • don't go for the chocolate, you'll regret it after doing so well.

    my worst was day 4, i was sooo hungry, came on here and someone suggested coffee with cream or houmous and carrots /celery. I didn't have any of that in the house but have since bought housmous and it really works as a filling snack. if you are still within your calories have a small handful of nuts.

    well done so far, hope to see you Friday morning weigh in 😉😘

  • forgot to say, keep busy.

    i know sometimes all you want to do is sit down with a coffee and bar of chocolate but why not just make a coffee and sit on the laptop/phone for 10mins til the craving passes. Work out tmros menu&exercise. Have a good read through the forum. I think I'm taking this idea to the extreme tho! On here nearly too much!🙈 x

  • I love houmous, will buy some today. What sort of nuts are good for a snack?

  • Natural ones, that is, not salted. I use them to top up my calories at the end of the day if I'm sure on my daily calorie allowance. As they are so high in cals, it doesn't take much.

    Currently eating cashews but that's because I found a large bag of them in the cupboard.

    I've started making my own houmous. Can of chickpeas, 45ml low fat yoghurt, 15ml tahini paste, crushed garlic and some lemon juice. Whizzed altogether. I add a lot of fresh chillis to mine but then I do like my chilli.

  • Your ones sound yummy. I'm off to

    Morrisons today so I will have a look at the houmous selection although I've seen they have a low fat one.

  • Well done Sophie for getting this far and well done for posting before giving in (not saying you would). There could be a number of things that may be able to help...

    Have you run the NHS BMI calculator and if so are you keeping to the number of calories that it said? Having too few can leave you feeling hungry.

    Are you drinking plenty of fluid between meals and especially before eating?

    Have you any healthy snacks to hand?

    Will having a controlled piece of chocolate be too bad. I sometimes measure off a small bit and that I know the calories of. Then I spend a while eating it bit by bit. Tedious but it helped me.

    Can you distract yourself, such as go for a walk or something else?

    Good luck!

  • I did distract myself. I stuck a cat on my lap and I didn't want to move him to go to the kitchen to eat! So me and the cat say and watched 2 episodes of special victims unit then I went to bed at 9.30pm. I didn't snack so was really proud of myself but I don't think I could have done it without the fab support I've been getting from these forums. Thank you all so much. Hopefully will have a better day today.

  • Great to hear. We're all different and it's a roller coaster of learning as we find out what works for us as individuals. I hope your cat enjoyed the tv :)

  • A diet soft drink keeps me going in the afternoon, or a low cal hot choc or cuppa soup, also satisfy me in the evening. I would say what you're going through is normal - are you drinking lots of water; ideally one glass before each meal & more? Stick with it; eating less in the evening is good & you'll see the results faster.

    Good luck! :-)

  • I am trying to drink more water but I could probably push myself and drink more. I love cuppa soups, another good idea I will do, thank you 😊 I have been trying to eat a bit earlier as my boyfriend has dinner about 7-7.30pm. Although I like to eat my dinner with him, I'm finding it too late and I'm too hungry by that time and snacking on everything in sight! I think I ate too early yesterday but it was the time my kids were eating and I was worried that if I didn't have my dinner then, I would end up snacking.

  • Hello

    I think we probably all have hungry days, I have hungry evenings nearly all the time and used to pack away chocolate most evenings. I'm currently eating 1700 cals (am 13.11 as of this morning) and I try to spread them out between breakfast and dinner with my son at 5pm, but sometimes leave a few for an evening snack. I am always hungry during the evening but sometimes it's just an 'empty' feeling which I'm learning to enjoy!! If I am truly hungry and it's preoccupying me, especially if it's ages until bedtime then I sometimes have something really small, such as one of my boy's Goodies gingerbread men, sometimes an apple does it though. I love chocolate and it has been my downfall. I can't have it in the house as I can't stop once I start!

    Someone else suggested asking your boyfriend to buy and keep his own chocolate and I think this is a great idea!! Do you think he would?

    If you are sure that 1200 cals isn't too few (I'm guessing you don't have too much too lose, etc, as previous poster said) then try to make sure you get your calories worth when choosing what to eat all day. Steer clear of the high fat, high sugar stuff which won't fill you up but will dent your allowance big time.

    All the best and keep away from the sweet stuff as much as you can, hard though, I know :)

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