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Theres no such thing as healthy obesity. I agree but for me most of my life was about what I looked like and unfortunately I inherited from my mother a poor self image and who thought dieting was the way to happiness. When I look at photos in my 30's and 40s. I looked great, except I didn't think that. I was put on diets from the age of 11 so have found dieting and food a difficult relationship.

Now I feel differently about my relationship with food, I love food and I love life, so I dont live to eat, I eat to live.

Just had a pear and a slice of organic toast and jam for breakfast, delicious and NOW

Today I go for a walk with new walking friends.

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I can fully empathise with that, taragem, as it's the way that I wasted my youth! However, we've been lucky enough to get another shot at it and this time we'll do it differently and with a new perspective :)

Enjoy your walk :)

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