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Gutted :-( bad weekend - comfort eating

After an amazing week of eating well and actually walking on my fractured foot I did 6,000 minimum each day I fell off ... big time!! my foot was really swollen on Friday night and then everything got cancelled with my toddler because of the foot. So as always I comfort eat and then weighed myself and it showed I put on weight and then I just eat junk.... but that said I was in the calories counter but with junk rather than healthy choice.

I know if I was able to go gym like I did before I wouldn't have succumbed and would have carried on...

ADVICE please.. how to stop comfort eating when things don't go to plan???????

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Oh no mannikaur ๐Ÿ˜ข I'm so sorry your foot is swollen and sore . . . Pain is actually depressing, it affects the hormones and makes everything difficult.

And well done on analysing why you over-ate, that is the first step to tackling the issue. Our brains are hot-wired to make us crave calorie dense food when we are tired, stressed or anxious. We no longer need to run away from the pre-historic danger but the signals are still there ๐Ÿ˜•

The only advice I can suggest is come I here and talk to us, we have all had bad days and can at least offer a friendly chat and support. ๐Ÿ˜•

I hope your foot is less swollen today, perhaps you were trying to walk too far too soon? Healing takes months I'm afraid ๐Ÿ˜•

Today is a new day, why don't you go over to the Daily Diary and share your meal plan? Making a positive commitment to eat well today really helps.

Best wishes



Hey Anna...

Thank you so much.. not all is lost, I just weighed myself last week I was 82.2kg and at home it went to 84.6kg and 87.8kg I thought that cant be right as I have been so good and trying to be active too.

So then went on the scales at work where I originally weighed myself.. again the same showed I up by half... which wasn't right the pointer wasn't on 0... so i've lost I'm 81kg...

so lost 2 lbs

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Yay ๐Ÿ˜Š Well done you

It's always best to stick to the same scales and same time of day to get an accurate reading.

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Yes I will do.. but just not being as mobile can really affect you

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Definitely ๐Ÿ˜Š

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I have had the comfort eating trials this week, I know it's so hard to stick with healthy choices, maybe find your fav healthy comfort food?

Aldi do lentil curls, at 91 Cals a bag their pretty good and surprisingly tasty..... try and have some healthy junk food you like, adapt your favs for healthier options......

Kinda depends on what you consider junk foods? And how much you've eaten....

Pizza use tortilla or pitta bases and add on your fav toppings.....

Phili sweet chilli and oatcakes..... or mix the sweet chilli Phillip into pasta and add in extra veggies, such as butternut squash, chopped peppers, broccoli

Small pots of ambrosia rice pudding, really satisfying hot or cold

I don't know if this has been helpful, as I said, I've had a really tough week food wise,...... I supposes it's continuing with the healthy choices as best you can after blip and not beat yourself up too much over it



Thank you so much Rosie - makes so much sense...

I've been a comfort eater since my dad passed in 2001 and I know it sounds so silly but pick my nose until it gets so sore and grind my teeth - this is what ive been doing this last few days. Im not actually stressed about anything in particular but these are my signs that there is something bugging me....

NOT GOOD.. but I will get there... this forum is immensely helpful


Ah, sorry to hear that mannikaur, at least you are aware of the signs and can maybe be proactive in the coming days, have lots of healthier choices available so you don't get side tracked at the shops.... go food shopping when you've eaten so your less likely to pick up naughty things.... but do allow little treats.

Are you using a food tracker, such as my fitness pal, to help keep track? I find it incredibly useful and helps me make more sensible choices when I see how much or little I have left to have.....

There is no time limit for grief, you appear to know that something has triggered you, you just need to identify what, so you can keep an eye on it in future.

Good luck and there is always someone here, as I learnt this week, to chat when things aren't good R๐Ÿ’ž


Awwwww thanks Rosie... I have myfitnesspal which has been amazing, making me thinking about the choice but when you feel crappy you don't care - im back on it and its a new day and in fact my hard work last week paid off as I lost 2 lbs.. but the feeling of not being 100% is annoying. Thank you so much

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Same here just posted what an awful weekend i had after such a brilliant week. Am back in that hole I dig and struggling to get back out.


oh me too... it was horrible.. well I've just put into myfitnesspal what I ate.. its really bad maybe I should share on here too!!!


I was scared mine would make it explode!


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