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I stopped smoking ten months ago and I have gained one stone. I know I am eating more than I used to but suddenly dieting seems to be very hard to stick to. I've always managed to lose weight very quickly but suddenly I am constantly starving and have noted on several occasions that I feel drained and lack energy. Today I ended up eating more just because my body felt weak and tired and needed the energy. I am 53 and female and I am also going through the menopause. However, I hate being overweight and I am now the heaviest I have ever been in my life by a whole stone. Please help!

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Hi and welcome,

Firstly congratulations on giving up smoking, I gave up some years ago and yes I put on a lot of weight, like you I felt constantly hungry and I developed a sweet tooth. The good news it doesn't last forever, the bad news you need to find something else to do when you think you're hungry, drink water, go for a walk, pick up a book, cook a healthy meal, knit/sew anything that uses the hands because what you are really looking for is something to do with your hands.

The menopause has a lot to answer for energy levels, hot flushes, mood swings 😯 but it is very possible to still lose weight, small changes are easier to maintain. Move more get out and have fun (exercising) your more likely to stick to it if you are enjoying yourself, so find something that suits you.

Good luck

Kat xx


Hi Wendy,

I'm sure that if you ask on the quit support forum, they'll be able to tell you all of the post quit problems and may be able to help you out more with that, than us.

I had, in the past, given up smoking and gained stones, then started smoking and lost the weight. this time, I did it differently, I gave up smoking and started my weight loss journey at the same time, so that neither could be used as a crutch for the other.

I have to say, that it's the easiest quit I've gone through, because I had to concentrate far more on my eating and exercise. It's been 20 months now and no cigs and 7 stone lost.

I feel no after effects of giving up the tobacco, because I don't think about it. If I'm hungry, or craving foods, or feeling lethargic, I don't think it's because of the lack of tobacco, more likely to be the effect of the foods I'm eating. If you're eating a diet that's high in processed foods, simple carbs and sugar, you will feel sluggish. If you're hungry, decrease your carbs and increase the natural fats you consume, because they're much more satiating.

Increase your exercise levels, to release the endorphins as they have the effect of making you feel brighter and perkier.

Around menopause and after, weight loss isn't as easy as when we were younger, but it's not impossible, I'm nearly 60 and I've done it and I know that you can do it too :)

Be active on the forum, join a weigh-in, join the Daily Diary, join a challenge. There are lots of things that we do here, that are designed to motivate you and I'm sure that once you get involved, that excess weight, will be a thing of the past :)

Onwards and downwards, Wendy :)

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