Thunder and lightening storm stops play!

Thunder and lightening storm stops play!

It's all go at this time of the year in the garden but no way am I gardening in this storm. Progress on the polytunnels - the third one is now up and housing the seeds you can see in poly one. Poly one is now planted with Green Zebra and Black Crimean tomato plants plus I've sown carrot seed between the tomatoes as they are supposed to be good companions. Poly tunnel two is holding the very slow growing broad beans - chillies and more tomatoes to go in here once I've harvested the beans. The new poly is now holding the seed trays plus the middle section has been prepped for the pepper plants which are currently sitting in the living room. Over the next few weeks the peppers will be joined by cucumber, melon and sweet potato. Hoping tomorrow to get the peppers in and replace the fence along the front which is required to keep the hens out. Later in the week I'm going to try and dig over the long bed at the top of the garden ready for planting up the three sisters (sweet corn, squash and beans). If weather permits six cherry tomato plants are destined for one of the new ten raised beds hubby is making for me. I feel tired just telling you this YellowRose55 ;)

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  • Check you out, you professional! Sorry to hear of your storm, don't send it over to Notts, it's dry and fairly bright here and I don't want it! Hope it is dry for you tomorrow so you can complete all your jobs.

  • EllaMidlands we were on an orange alert for the storm but it looks like it might have moved on without taking the polytunnels with it! A few years ago we returned from holiday to find our greenhouse half way up a tree at least with the polytunnels the most you'll lose is a cover ;)

  • Wow Mochta your Poly tunnels look great, you have been so busy no wonder your tired just telling me about it. I see your growing Melons never tried them before are they easy to grow, would love to try them?

    My sweet potatoes are just starting to grow and I'm using bags for the first time. The strawberries are just starting to come into blossom and my Apple tree looks like I shall have a good crop this year.

    You cetainly have hubby busy making all those raised beds, can you send him my way to make some for me! lol

    Are you ok if I like your post to the Green Gym so other can fine it easier?


  • YellowRose55 I've found melon (I do a cantaloupe type) easy to germinate and grow. I had spectacular failure with sweet potatoes outdoors last year looked good on top but 'crop' was pathetic - hoping they'll do better in the polytunnel. We picked up the wood for the raised beds yesterday - keeping them the same length as the wood (2.4M) but still a lot of cutting for the ends and corner posts - might even have a picture of one in use by next week :) By all means 'like' - should green gym posts be tagged with a topic perhaps?

  • I had the same sweet potato experience. I don't think I'll do them again unless someone can tell me that there's a way of getting them to grow in this country.

  • I will have a go with Melons then and let you know how I get on with them.

    Thanks I will tag it onto my post and eveyone can see your post too.

  • Super, super jealous. That is fantastic.

    I did download a 'build your own poly tunnel' about 5 years ago. I'd forgotten about that idea but I'm going to have to revisit it now... my greenhouse is already at overflowing and still so much more to do.

    Hoping mother nature is kind to you. Good luck!

  • Tiggerr these are cheapie tunnels (I paid 90 euro for the latest one - they are all 3mx3m) I use pipe lagging (the grey foam stuff) on the frames and have had three years out of the covers on the first two. I was sick of dumping crops of tomatoes due to blight - avoided this since having the tunnels although I still grow cherry toms outside as they seem to resist the blight. I'm thinking of a fourth tunnel just for seeds. I never grew veggies/fruit when I lived in the UK (now in France) so never appreciated how much more work they are compared to other types of gardening.

  • Thanks for that Mochta. I'll have to do a cost analysis, plus my time and the fact that my version will probably never be as a good as a ready made product.

    As for the crop dumping, I lost about 40 tomato plants last year. The first time that happened to me it's possible that I may have shed a tear. This year, I've got a blight 'resistant' strain. I showed a friend of mine how to collect seeds from her old toms so she's let me have 60 seedlings. I'm sticking them in the ground a lot earlier, as blight tends to be a late summer thing here.

    Good luck.... still v. jealous :)

  • Wow Mochta,live your style,3 sisters ect ,I've just started management of allotment,growing from seed,fir first time,I have in small bedroom,broccoli,leeks,cabbage,sweetcorn,Savoy,Brussels, seedlings,steep learning curve re potting up and 20 gardeners delight timatoe plants,from seed (Feb)also Runners,bbeans(in ground)French beans,corn flowers,poppies,nysturtuans(in ground -allotment)hope you get good rest☕😊

  • ary88 I so get your small bedroom! I've got all my beans sown in modules to go out once the raised beds are made. The only things I've got outside at the mo are mangetout, kale, collards oh and my onions are in and the sweet peas are at the foot of their wigwam. My rhubarb has all gone to flower but it looks amazing and we'll get a few more picks over the summer. The living room is full of pots of cayenne and jalapeno peppers plus more toms - the sweet peppers sitting with them will be in the tunnel by lunch time just need to mix up more soil and compost. Need to get my skates on ;)

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