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Shaking in my shoes

This morning my scales went up to what would be a two kilo loss OVERNIGHT, never steadied and then went DOWN! So obviously batteries need replacing. But I am now worried that my last loss (when the scales steadied) might also be a false reading. If I get round to buying batteries today, I will know tomorrow morning. Aaarrgh! Never happened this way before - they would just not show anything but a "Repl bat" reading.

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Scales can be a bit temperamental can't they? Fingers crossed you get them sorted n get an accurate reading soon 😊


That would be a very good night's sleep, haha! Hope you get it all sorted soon !


Wow so either a very active nights sleep or yes darn you need new batteries 😂😂

Don't worry just weigh again after you replace the batteries and go from there. It's only a number that we can beat 💪💪 xx


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