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The Spiral. Today is your/my great day !

I hope everyone had Wonderful Easter. Food wise drink wise everything remained the same with me. My usual weigh of a pound loss so everything rosy up until Easter Monday Wow ....

My usual line what a difference a day makes.

I went out with my family. Everyone wanted to go to the Fish and Chip shop restaurant. I couldn't say hey NO ...... I would have looked terrible had I refused, after all it wasn't everyday we all get together everyone wanted the same choice ... Now there wasn't anything on the menu and I mean nothing ...... Healthy ....... But hey I work in calories so at the time I thought I can cope with this and I consumed more than I should but I gave myself a treat. I had the small portion.... Here it is

I chose Small Fish, chips, peas, mushy peas, one slice of bread and butter..... The special but the small .... We all had the same... 2 glasses of fizzy wine, one G&T followed by my tea at 7pm I started to think he'll I've blown it which then followed another binge of Chinese food but low fat choices ....My brain was saying to me that's it.... You might as well now you've blown it... You know the feeling, we all do......and guess what it's a spiral....

Got on the scales this morning I'd gained One Pound... To be expected. I hope this is a temporary gain as I didn't eat an extra 3,500 calories. My educated side is saying to me, It could be stored carb and sodium in the liver and internal organs.

It's enough to throw one off track however this time that isn't going to happen. It's Tuesday back to normal and I am glad it happened. It's a warning to be extra careful. My journey isn't over until November and life will throw other days like this on special occasions. It's the long term that counts. I enjoyed it and had a lovely day with the family but and its a big but... The next day if this happens you must see the long term picture and re visualise your own journey.

If I get away with it and the scales go back to my original loss the day before this binge then I will be happy. Currently showing one pound weight gain but today I'm back on my healthy way of life counting calories from nutritious food. If the scales still show that weight gain of a pound then hey ho I know I was a bit naughty but only for one day.

If we've been bad for one day, we haven't failed, we are just human. It's long term that counts...... I am back on track.

What I'm saying is usually my thought after a day like I had would be in the dieters mind I've blown it now..... I've educated myself into knowing that weight loss is a long journey. For myself it's a long journey 2 stone 4 pounds but I'm now enjoying the journey instead of it being a chore.

At the time I did think yesterday oh heck this day is spoiling my weight loss, my hard work down the window but one thing I want to share with you....

It's impossible unless your only a week or two into your journey to gain all the lost weight in one day ...... It's the long term choices.... The daily choices you make that add up. Yes do have a day off now and then if you really have to, save up for those special occasions. It's the difference between success and failure in terms of weight loss.

If you've had a very bad day, make the next day a GREAT DAY in terms of contributing to your overall weight loss.

This is my GREAT DAY......

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Well done for remembering that this isn't a "diet", but a new lifestyle, Lynne :)

This is certainly a day for celebration, because your new mindset, more than compensates for a 1lb temporary gain on the scales :)

Keep up the great work, you're doing brilliantly :)


Thank you so much for all your motivation and help.

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Well written and honest LittleLynne. I really hope you enjoyed your day, it does sound as though you have.

You will have plenty of days to work on your gain and reduce even further. The main thing is you didn't give up everything you came back on here - I think that is the power of the forum. It is encouraging, motivational and inspirational - certainly for me anyway.

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Thank you so much Ceals. That is really appreciated do much. 👗


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