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Weigh In 15 April Week 7 Sticking to Lower End Calorie Limit

Week 7 one pound loss

Weigh in Now 10stone 2pounds originally 10 stone 11

Weight Loss 9 pounds Total

This week has been a tough week. It happens to us all. I always say to myself when I get despondent and think I'm going to fall off the wagon. The food will still be in the shops for ME when I'm slim this helps me, it's become my mantra......

I've still 2 stone 2 pounds to go for my own goal. I'm hoping to hit this in November and although it's a long journey I'm not giving up my journey until I reach my goal. I've done this so many times before and reached complacency when I lose a stone.... I really want to see my new look and no longer be able to feel all that lard on my body which I feel and see every day. It's worth the effort and I'm sure all you ladies are feeling like me, we are all heading in the right direction. For me being able to post my before and after photo at goal will hopefully motivate a few of you as On my before photo I look like a beached whale and saying that it's cruel to the whale so you know where I'm coming from.

FAT IS UNHEALTHY ....... It's a strain on he internal organs, heart muscles, knee joints, hip joints. Diabetes risk .... So why do we allow ourselves to get fat. It's an accumulation over time of too much indulgence unless it's a medical reason eg steroid meds etc.,

Medical research now shows that we live longer if we look after our overall health. It's worth the effort.

I myself have found I have to stick to the lower end of calories in the BMI chart or I can't lose weight it just maintains...... I think this is where a lot of us go wrong YES we must eat our calories to be healthy but it's finding that level once you start losing weight. If we just maintain for too long we give up....... It's worth charting what is right for you over a period time. The amount of calories is correct on the NHS BMI charts but it's a fine line either low end or top end. When you lose weight, you need less calories... Or you will just maintain. Re assess where you are at if you are just maintaining take a look at intake. Is it the same as when you started your journey when you were bigger, you made need to go to lower end of your calorie intake that is shown on BMI charts now as you don't need as much calorie energy. I certainly wouldn't lose anymore weight I'd just maintain my weight. The NHS charts are a healthy calorie intake it's just knowing your level as you start to lose your weight. I'm checking mine at half stone intervals. At the moment I'm consuming 1300 instead of 1400 I've found my limit to lose weight. I've also got a few to play with........ Happy Easter and Enjoy your food and drink whatever you choose to consume make sure you enjoy it......

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