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Too Much Going On!

There is far too much happening right now. Moving house, dealing with a neighbour from hell (probable court case), working full time and a dear friend whose husband is dying from cancer. So all the great diet and exercise plans have spent the last few weeks on the back burner. I am not splurging on the food front and have managed to lose 3 pounds over the last 6 weeks - not a lot, I know, but at least it's a loss.

I do have a plan though and I have been to the local gym and talked to a delicious guy there who is convinced they can get me to actually enjoy exercise! So when all the furore has died down I will join the gym again. As it is on my way home from work I won't have to make a special trip out as motivating myself to actually get there is one of my biggest hurdles.

I find all you lot on here so supportive and positive! And I have never met any of you. How cool is that? People who don't even know each other can help each other. I think that is so wonderful! Thanks guys!

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Sounds like you certainly do have a lot going on at the moment but hopefully it will all settle down soon and work out well.

A loss is- I feel a good thing no matter how small- well done!

You seem up beat and ready to make yourself number 1! Have fun x😀

P.S I found this site better thsn Facebook lol lol x


Sounds like a really difficult time {{{{hug}}}}. Do like your plan of the gym,we all need a bit of 'deliciousness' 😜. Take care



My goodness, you're not having an easy time of it with all of this going on and it's amazing that you sound so positive. When life strikes a blow, all you can do is hang on in there; my hubby always quotes from a film he saw once - "it'll be all right in the end and if it's not all right, it's not the end". I find exercise a great stress reliever these days and personally find long walks a bit of a lifesaver. x


Oh I do still go for my lunchtime walks, clears the mind and makes me more positive for the afternoon!

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Love that quote-consider it pinched

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Sounds like a very hectic time, hopefully it will sort itself out for the best shortly.

I totally agree with the gym on the way home, I go swimming on the way home 3 days a week but I know I wouldn't go if I went home first.

This forum is the best 🏆🏆💪💪 xx


Go easy on yourself but it sounds as though you are making sensible choices. When your life calms a bit you will be able to open the throttle on your weight loss journey. In the meantime be really proud that you are losing.


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