End of Week 12

End of Week 12

Well, here I am, at the end of the NHS plan, about 5kg (11lbs or 0.78 stone) down from Jan. 2. I formally started the plan at about 104.4 kg but I've added in my earlier weight loss because it looks better on the chart! Last night I jumped on the scales after a strenuous bike ride and it said I had gained a whole kg, which made me feel a bit depressed. But this morning (my usual weigh-day) it was down below last week's measurement, even though I indulged in a posh meal on Friday night. I have started using Strava to track my bike rides. It's rather funny to be referred to as an athlete, but I like seeing a record of all the riding I'm doing, especially when it shows you the hills you climbed and miles you rode. I plan to keep going in the same vein, because I'm enjoying it so much, and I find my low-sugar, wholegrain carbs, high-fat DASH eating plan fairly easy to stick to. I haven't been counting calories strictly, but I have kept an eye on portions, including weighing out quantities of pasta (I am a recovering pastaholic). I have given up rice altogether because it 'costs' so much, calorie-wise. No cakes, crisps or biccies allowed in the house. No fruit juice, just fruit/veg. Dates, nuts and plain yogurt for treats. This forum has been a brilliant way to stay on track, so thanks to everyone here for your support! (I'm not leaving, just sayin' :)


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9 Replies

  • Fantastic achievement mayaena 😊 Very well done! I've awarded you your 5kg badge to acknowledge your success. 😊

    I like your eating plan, it sounds perfect 😊

    And I'm glad the forum is helping, that's lovely to hear 😊

    Have a great week

  • Thanks Anna61 Very pleased to get my badge, thank you!

  • 3 cheers for you Mayaena, a fantastic achievement and very inspiring. I'm near the end of week 2 and your determination and results are very motivating. Big congrats to you and thank you so much for posting. Best of luck on your healthy journey.

  • Thanks Elke516 for your kind comments. Good luck to you too (note that the chart doesn't go down in a straightforward way and in one place it tilts up a bit).

  • Thank you mayaena, I think that's what life is all about, ups and downs, you did brilliantly.

  • Brilliant 🌻 well done

  • Thank you!

  • You're doing brilliantly, your exercise and diet regime sound spot on. Well done! Do you drink natural pure coconut water? It does contain a few calories but is great after strenuous exercise. Some say it's an acquired taste, but I love the nutty sweetness of it.

  • Yes, I like it too!

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