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How many calories?


I really want to 'plan' the best start for the 12 wk weight loss plan but am struggling to find how to determine my calories. I have located my BMI but not suggested calories

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Hi Loulourw

Have you put all your information into the BMI checker? You need to put in your age, gender, height and weight and it will work out your daily allowance.

If not the recommended calorie allowance for women is 1400 calories a day.


I have.

Would it be different if I'm defined as having a healthy BMI?

I'm just under 25. No calorie suggestion given

YellowRose554st 7lbs in reply to Loulourw

I not sure about that one. Why not try the 1400 calories for a week to see how you lose on that amount. Some times it can take a few weeks to get the amount that suits you. I work on 1600 a day and lose an average 1lb a week.

RG07Maintainer in reply to Loulourw

Yes it does make a difference- I was over the health BMI when I started and I was given a calorific range which unfortunately I did not write down (for when I start the maintenance part of my diet). When I rechecked my calorific intake to see what I would need to aim for once I reached my target weight I was not given any calorie allowance.

So I have stuck to 1400- which is what they recommend for weight loss for women- but from experience before picking on a random BMI for your goal look at what weight you would need to be to reach that BMI and decide if that is right for you. I had decided on 22 but when I played around with the BMI tool to find out what the weight would be I realised it was under 8st 7lb and I thought it was too low for me- I had gone down to that weight a few years ago whilst training for the LOndon Full Moon charity walk (25m) and people were starting to get a bit concerned about my weight loss and I did look a bit scrawny.

Good luck with your weight loss

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to RG07

I agree with RG07 - Scrawny is never a good look... BMI is a guide, but we have to determine our end weight based on how we look, feel, our age and how we can move!

But do take notice when friends / family start worrying... They care and see more than we do.. We are living it!!.

JayneWay in reply to RG07

1400 as you say is a good starting figure, but, as you lose weight you will need to drop the calories otherwise you won't continue to lose the weight.

RG07Maintainer in reply to JayneWay

I have beenon 1400 a day calories for over 15 weeks and I am still loosing weight. If you don't have enough calories you can actually gain weight since your body goes in starvation mode and store all the available fat it can

JayneWay in reply to RG07

That's why I stay on a certain amount of calories until the weight loss stops, then I lower them a little and start losing weight again. It's obvious that as you get thinner you need less calories to continue losing weight. If I was still on the same calories I was on before losing 7 stone I wouldn't of kept losing weight at a steady pace.

JayneWay in reply to JayneWay

I meant to say, 15 weeks is ok to keep to the same calories, my weight loss has been over a few years so that's why calories need to be cut now and then to keep losing.

Loulourw in reply to RG07

Thank you. I've gone on myfitness pal and put in all of my details - I'm starting on 1500 tomorrow. Let's see how we go

JayneWay in reply to Loulourw

How are things going for you how much weight did you lose?


If you are a healthy bmi it doesn't give a calorie target 😕 I'm not sure what other people do.

elliebathMaintainer in reply to IndigoBlue61

In my own experience, as I got to BMI 25, I reduced to 1300 and carried on losing, but it was very slow. Strangely, since I've been maintaining ( which for my age/size is around 1500) I've slowly lost a further 5 lbs this year. Can't say I really understand why, as nothing has changed exercise-wise !!

Loulourw in reply to elliebath

Perhaps 1300 was not enough?

elliebathMaintainer in reply to Loulourw

It does look that way, but I did lose the final few pounds on 1300 got to bmi 23.5. Then I maintained for a whole year before it started to drop again this year, now bmi 22.2 ....

it's all a mystery 😁😁😁

JayneWay in reply to elliebath

Maybe you're eating less without realising ir maybe just eating more healthily. 5lbs is ok but if you lose more without knowing why then please see your doctor or nurse.

elliebathMaintainer in reply to JayneWay

Yes I would do, I have to go quite regularly anyway for BP checks . Oh the joys of getting old 😉

I have been using the App 'my fitness pal' I have lost 7 stone so far. It tells you the calories to have each day. As your weight drops it will drop your calories too. You just add your weight again after losing some. I only put my weight in again once I go a week without losing. You can scan food wrappers to get the calories or add them manually. I cook home made meals then weigh the whole thing, work out the calories per 100 grams so each time I have that meal I can work out how much I can have for that day.

Loulourw in reply to JayneWay

Great advice. I'm on it. All set to start tomorrow

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