gave in too easy yesterday

was doing so wonderfully well until my friend came over for tea, I had prepared a very healthy chicken stir fry and she said she would bring dessert. Apple pie and custard was the pudding. But picked up this am and have been great today, off to cook lamb and 5 lots of veg and fruit for pudding .Only on day 4 but im feeling better about myself already


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4 Replies

  • Hi space2cat76

    That is a dangerous area when friends bring the pudding, my sister once brought me chocolate and because they were bite size she said they were healthy!! lol

    Your lamb with veg and fruit for pudding sounds nice, enjoy.


  • Don't beat yourself up over this, we have all succumb to a treat. To be honest you have done the best possible thing and have put it behind you and carried on with your journey, so well done xx

  • It would have been rude to refuse the apple pie and custard so just accept that you ate it and be good from now on. Maybe in the future if you do this again- ask her ahead what she is bringing and include it in your diet for the day- even if you have to rough estimate of the calories (if you do calorie counting) maybe do a high quality shop version- tesco finest/waitrose/M&S etc and have something light for tea- such as soup?

  • She used to be so good with her eating plan. I told her about this site hope she also decides to take up the challenge to feel great again

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