Beginning my second day

I hope you do not mind me messaging you each day for a week. I need to be accountable for myself and getting on track. I was given a booklet on binging from a friend in the forum and very understandable and easy ready and looking forward to go back to reading it. I had a good natural sleep last night and feeling less drained and tired today. I am trying to take one day at a time with learning to enjoy life and not worry by food/diet and how much I need to lose. I know that will take more than a week to become automatic thinking. I went for my 20 minute walk as well. I decided as well to give up extra sugar but have a sugar dessert that I am not depriving myself then go over eat on the sugar. And another I am going to get busy going out in the afternoons besides the food bank which is very rewarding and meeting and working with great people. They even started me on laundry there as well. I wash the volunteers jackets and t-shirts when they have a special events. Now the good weather is around is getting here no reason to get out and enjoy good natural lifestyle. After Easter weekend after next I am going to go to yoga class on Friday afternoons for free. Get my rear in gear comfy yoga pants and sneakers and go for it. But again learning to live healthy is going to hard at times!! But I have to remind myself I am worth it and it does not matter what other people think of me my weight. One day at a time!!!!!!.


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8 Replies

  • Well done, Wadestreet, you're doing really well. Just take each day as it comes and before long, you'll realise that you've formed new habits, that are no trouble at all to keep up :)

  • Hello and welcome,

    Feel free to post as much as you like. Some of us post daily as it is like a security blanket for us. I post whenever I feel the need to or if I am having a bad day or feel like sharing some of my success.

    One step at a time that is all we can do so take your time and do it properly. If we learn to run before we walk we all fall. So by pacing yourself and easing into it gently you will have better results.

    We all have cock ups and disasters along the way but we brush them off and keep going on our journey.

    Good luck on your journey


  • Hi Wadestreet of course your worth it and you sound really positive, it's great that you like posting and you sound confident. I wish I had a bit more of that, I stopped posting my weight because I wasn't confident about posting, I can do it on some days but not on others. Good luck on your journey but I feel with your determination and posting to the forum and getting all the great support and advice on here you will make onwards and downwards 😊 rosie x

  • It's all about you building your own confidence, by getting. the results you personally want,which gives you confidence in what you are doing.. It shows, when you are confident to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way, one day,one pound at a time,enjoying your calorie allowance,where treats can be exchanged,for all your hard work and now yoga(hope you are drinking 4 - 6 pints fluid a day)😊🍓☕ , ☕

  • Hi Wadestreet Its lovely to read your posts, progress is progress, you are worth all the effort and you only need to work on your attitude.. let everyone else work on theirs.. Cheering you onwards 🎉🎉🎉

  • Good for you Wadestreet , you post as much as you want or need to - thats what its for. Free yoga sounds good - enjoy it!

  • Hi Wadestreet, so great to see you on the forum. Lovely post, you sound so positive :-). Please check in tomorrow if you can, it will be great to hear from you.

  • How's day 3? Looking forward to your update...

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