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Hello everyone, I haven't posted anything for quite a while, today (I weigh myself first Sunday in the month) was my weigh in day and am happy to say I have had a loss of 3 lbs making since the 16th January 9 lbs loss. 21 lbs to go. I didn't post any thing in March, I managed to maintain my weight. I was just happy I hadn't gained any thing, as Feb had been a busy social month 2 Birthday's and belated Xmas do. I started the NHS 12 week program on the 27th of Feb, feeling a bit stuck in a rut with what I had been doing, and so far I am happy with my progress. I headed to my local library to find some different recipes, that was quite helpful. I had a look at the one you quiz, and it told me more exercise(I knew really) and to try C25k as I followed the links I reached a point when it said start with walking 10000 steps. So I got myself a step counter from Argos. For the last couple of weeks I've monitored how many steps I do on a normal day that ranges from at least 3000 to 7500. It may be slow progress but my target now has to be to increase my walking which I love any way but how much do I need to do 3 or 4 times a week or every day? and how do I keep motivated? any ideas would be welcome... :-)

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Congrats on your loss so far. You're doing really well 👏👏

My suggestion would be to log on here as much as possible. The support on this forum is phenomenal, not that I'm biased or anything lol 😂

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Hi bulge1

You have done brilliant in losing 9lbs so far, well done you. Would you like a 7lb badge?

If you are looking for ideas for meals then have a look in the Topics section and for Recipes/meals/snacks, you may find some recipes you like there.

If your not use to doing 10000 steps a day then slowly introduce it. The recommendation is to do it every day. You say you walk between 3000 to 7500 so why not aim for 5000 steps every day then slowly increase it has you get fitter. I did it this way and it worked really well, I even hit the 15000 steps twice this week which amazed me!

Have a good week and look forward to your next update.



Thank you isou7000 and Yellowrose55 for your comments I do look on the forum quite a lot and click the likes and leave comments myself sometimes, I would love a 7 lbs badge I noticed once I had posted my progress it should have been 19 lbs to go not 21 my original aim was 2 st. I can see that walking 5000 a day would help rather than doing a lot in one walk I find if I try to do too much I'm so tired the next day it a struggle to do much at all. I will make that my target for next week. I have noticed that some people use apps on a phone to help them but I'm not that much a Tech person, it has taken a while for me to work my way round the this web site but I'm getting there,lol once again thank you to both of you :-)


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