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Day 1 summary

29.03.2017 Tuesday Day 1

In the beginning I have to say that this week I'm not working, so it is easier to track and note everything.

Starting point: weight 54kg (119lbs = 8.5 stones); 75cm (29.5 in) waist; 30.2% fat


Total calories: 1,529

(28% breakfast; 14% lunch; 20% dinner; 38% snacks)

(37% carbohydrates; 49% fat; 14% protein)

- breakfast: porridge oats with milled flaxseed, Greek natural yoghurt, raspberries; calcium & magnestium tabs, Jointcare Max tabs, earl grey with lemon and honey

- lunch: homemade mushroom soup with coocked carrot, leek, parsley root

- dinner: can of smoked oysters, half of olive bread roll with butter and 1 slice of edam cheese

- smacks: 1 piece of chocolate (Montezuma absolute black 100% cocoa), cake: half of milles feuilles and half of chocolate honeybomb caramel, some almonds, brazil nuts, tangerine


- piece of chocolate after breakfast (100% dark, but I didn't need to eat it)

- cake at Patisserie Valerie - a 500kcal worth oops

5 a day: only 3

Activity: 100min (1h40min) (484kcal burnt according to MyFitnessPal)

- 60 min walking (it was probably more than 120 min, but a lot of stops and sitting, so I count only 60 min)

- 40 min core stability strength training (from Fitness Blender)

I hope this day will be better than yesterday according to food.

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Hello IgaT 😊

Keeping a food diary is an excellent first step on your journey 😊 You are obviously keen to keep track of the macro nutrients in your diet, this post may help



Thank you IndigoBlue61. I will read the post :)

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